That exciting portal called YourSingapore Live!

Singapore recently launched the “Only in Singapore, Right Now!” campaign to introduce YourSingapore Live (YS Live) and the plethora of upcoming activities and attractions happening Only in Singapore.

CCFoodTravel was in Singapore over the weekend, to check out the YourSingapore Live’s exciting itinerary. It turned out to be immensely fun and we had a hectic weekend fill with activities.


The YS Live, it is a comprehensive and informative online platform that serves as a repository of carefully chosen, up-to-date lifestyle experiences that all Malaysians are welcome to check out. It features an extensive range of happenings, such as concerts, musicals, gastronomical adventures, attractions, exhibitions and a multitude of other lifestyle offerings that can be experienced only in Singapore, right now. The best thing is that depending on your interests, you can choose to travel to Singapore, based on the calendar of events listed clearly as tiles, on its website. Travel to Singapore has never been easier or more fun, especially now that there’s YourSingapore Live’s web-portal to navigate with.

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Anyway, based on what our interests were, we selected as many cool things to do in Singapore as possible, via the YourSingapore Live portal. It included activities such as, rocking the night away with The Script in concert, on one of the nights, and catching Le Noir (think cirque du soleil), on another. Then, for the foodie and the adrenaline junkie in us, we got to check out fine dining at Gunther’s, Les Amis, Gattopardo, the spanking new Ocean restaurant on Sentosa, and cable skiing/wake-boarding with SKI360degrees too!

We soon found out, that Singapore is a city that has its own unique attractions, that sets it apart from other destinations in the world – and it ain’t just about the shopping.


it’s easy to fall in love with Singapore’s gorgeous skyline..

The YourSingapore website/portal is visitor-centricity, meaning the experiences are made wholesome and personal, drawing from all the best attractions in Singapore. It is done like a calendar, so as the weeks fly by, the activities will fall off the calendar, and be replaced by the latest newest activities happening in town. It is a dynamic portal and gives you a bird’s eye view of everything worth seeing or doing in Singapore.


the legendary cold angel hair pasta with oscietra caviar at Gunthers

Travellers will be enabled to design their own journeys – ones they can call their own. Undoubtedly, each account will be different, but that’s what makes it exciting. Some trips might be adventurous, some might be more about culture, or gastronomy, and some might just be about discovering a less explored side of Singapore.


the magnificent gardens by the Bay

The website helps design the best holiday, with a slew of new lifestyle picks, web tools, recommendations and even a holiday planner, so that you can decide how you want your Singapore holiday. It’s really easy and fun, and full of information on everything going on in Singapore from week to week, so you don’t need to hunt for the info all over the web. Check out the YourSingapore facebook page for more live updates.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on our customized holiday, via the YourSingapore Live website, in the coming weeks!

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