Yokotaya @ Section 17 PJ

We pay Yokotaya a Visit.. the newest Japanese restaurant on the Section 17 strip..

Section 17 is developing nicely into a rather cool neighborhood for good food.

Yokotaya, a Japanese restaurant, just opened its doors mid January and we decided to check it out today.


When most people think of Japanese food, they usually think of sushi or sashimi. Prepared with great finesse and precision, sushi is as much about feeding the artistic soul as it is about feeding the stomach. But Japanese food is not sushi alone.

Japanese cuisine is meant to be pleasurable and comforting, like a childhood-memory of food, bypassing the intellect and appealing directly to the emotions. One such food, is the Katsudon or the Pork cutlet. The Katsudon is a succulent, breaded, slab of pork, that is fried until the crust is crisp and nutty, then chopped into pieces and served over rice with eggs that have been cooked by the warmth of the dish. The result is a blend of ingredients, soft and moistened by the egg, soaking up the sauces and juices, and served on a hotbed of rice. It does not get more comforting than that. Luckily for us, the Katsudon at Yokotaya, priced at just RM20, was good enough to evoke some wonderful dining emotions. Rather well done, we thought.


Beyond the Katsudon, Yokotaya has an extended menu, including the obligatory sushi selection, yakitori, teppanyaki, etc, but I would skip all that in favor of the grilled saba or mackerel set (RM30), a tender and highly flavorful piece of fish, tasting of ginger, salt and brine, which was brilliantly cooked and tasty as sin. It wasn’t overcooked and its fatty juices would literally coat your mouth with an intense flavour, with each delightful bite. Who would have thought that a simple lunch set would have been this good?


miso soup that wasn’t too salty.. and it was full of enoki mushrooms which were nice and springy


the saba set – a huge portion of mackerel, largest I’ve seen in a set, to date


Katsudon.. happy to report the availability of pork, at this Japanese joint


who moved my pork..? 😉


Chawanmushi – nice but lacked ingredients

So having tried two dishes only, we have to say that we were impressed. Will definitely make this a regular haunt for lunch since we need to work our way through that extensive menu. So far, so good!


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Yokotaya Japanese Dining,
17G, Jalan 17/56,
Section 17, PJ
Tel: +603 7931 7003
Other branch in Kepong:
Block C-G-10,
Jalan Metro Perdana 3,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
52100 KL
Tel: +603 6252 7305


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