Duck or Goose.. Here are our top 6 restaurants!

Goose or duck.. which do you prefer?

Some folks swear by the meatiness of goose, and some prefer the succulence of the smaller duck.

But you know, these two birds, they have their differences when it comes to their eating patterns. Goose are known to be vegetarian, prefer a diet of shrubs and grass, while ducks are not strictly vegetarian.


And here’s more trivia..

Ducks have a rather unsavory habit of eating slugs, snails, insects, and so forth, and are often used to control ticks while the cleaner Geese prefer grains and grasses and are often used for weed control. The down of a Duck will often have more of a smell to it than Goose down. Geese tend to be larger than ducks, with most having longer necks in perspective to their body than ducks. Geese tend to be more apt to challenge a human, and sometimes are kept as guard animals. Ducks (particularly the males) tend to be more colorful than geese, and often male ducks exhibit different colors than female ducks (except when moulting or young). Geese often have more webbing on their feet than a duck. Geese tend to migrate further than ducks.

In Malaysia ducks are mostly farmed in modern commercial farms in Perak, but geese on the other hand, are imported. Now that you know the differences between the two, let us share with you, our top 6 restaurants for goose and duck!

1. Chen Chen Goose Pudu


Look at the grin on the cook’s face!

The Chen Chen Goose and Duck shop is somewhat iconic. Situated in Pudu, opposite the RHB bank, this place is famous for its roast duck and goose.


And rightly so.. the roasted birds here are awesome. Folks will double park along the road just to eat here, and it really gets busy during lunch time.


Here is our portion of goose and duck (duck above, goose below). The texture of the goose meat is harder, and the duck is softer. The goose has more fat in its skin and is super addictive when eaten with oily rice. I like the flavours in the duck more, probably because the duck tends to be fresher than the goose. The goose is imported from Hong Kong, so it has definitely been frozen for longer.


The best thing about Chen Chen’s duck is the dipping sauces. It comes with a clear, tangy, plum sauce and a black pepper, brown sauce. This plum sauce is one of the best I’ve tasted in town.


Oily rice is a must when eating duck or goose at Chen Chen’s! The entire meal cost around RM40 for two.

Chen Chen Goose & Duck,
Jalan Seladang,
Off Lorong Yap Hin,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-233 3083
Open: 9am-6pm daily

2. Soon Fatt Beijing Roast Goose & Duck


Ah, this old timer has been serving duck at Soon Fatt’s for as far back as I can remember.


These guys are so savvy they even have facebook!


I like the duck at Soon Fatt. It has a nice, clean cut, and the skin is incredibly crispy. The meat does not have bone splitters which I really dislike, when eating duck or goose.


Again, one of the best shops in Pudu.. Soon Fatt comes highly recommended.

Soon Fatt Duck,
Off Jalan Pasar Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-212 9018
Tue – Sun: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


3. Lek Chai Roast Duck, Air Panas Setapak


Ah, this hidden gem was a recent discovery.

We love Pusat Penjaja Air Panas Setapak, or Setapak Hawker Center, for it’s noodles (especially the Hennessy noodles) but one day, we discovered that it also had some terrific duck stalls in the area.


This stall has a cute name – Lek Chai (translation : Clever Boy!) Roast Duck, and is located at the front of a house on Jalan Air Jernih, Setapak


The duck here is plump, meaty and juicy. The price is slightly cheaper than the ducks you get in Pudu KL area.


Eating here feels live you’ve been invited to lunch with the family!


I always love, “before” and “after” shots of duck!


Would you like the webs included? 😛

Lek Chai Duck
Jalan Air Jernih,
53200 Setapak,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel 016-311 3818

4. Restoran Sunrise, Sea Park PJ

sunrise seapark1

Ah.. Sunrise Duck is iconic in Petaling Jaya. I think I grew up eating this, and the owners have since passed on the torch to their daughter. We went to primary and high school together actually, and she really chops a mean duck.

sunrise seapark

Sunrises duck has this characteristic wafer thin, almost translucent, crispy skin. It really is hard to describe. If they sold just the skin, as bags of crisps, I am sure it would be a raging success.

Sunrise Duck,
31, Jalan 21/12
46300, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7876 9689

5. Wei Kee famous Hong Kong roast goose Pudu

wei Kee famous hongkong roast goose Pudu1

Pudu, mecca for goose and duck. And rightly so.

I love Wei Kee, not just for the goose, but also the architecture of the shop. I mean check it out – this sort of looks in now in vogue again – I hope they never tear the building down.

wei Kee famous hongkong roast goose Pudu

The goose at Wei Kee is not for the faint hearted. One big ‘makan’ session here, and you will be running to the gym. Your folks will be reaching for their ‘Lipitor’.

wei kee famous hongkong goose pudu2

This goose meat from HongKong is dense, and the skin almost looks like it is bloated to twice the size of normal skin. Biting into it and you will feel explosions of skin and fat. It’s really the thickest, most fatty skin layer I have ever tried. The flavour is out of this world. Lunch for 2 can cost up to RM50. One of the priciest in KL.

Wei Kee Hong Kong Goose,
50, Lorong Yap Hin,
Off Jalan Pasar,
55100 KL
Tel: 03-92218428

6. Sun Ming Roast Duck, Cheras


This place is a hot favourite with many KL-ites and is located in Cheras. We find the duck here, just so-so.


Recently, the duck has been lacklustre, not sure if it was because we arrived on a particularly busy day.


Anyway, I love going to the back where they prep the ducks. Here you see the nice duckies going for a scrub and bath.


At Sun Ming, they cart out the roasted ducks in batches.


This place also serves chap-farn (economy rice) and tons of people folk here for lunch.


Roast duck… nice skin, but the meat was lacking flavour this time


At the back of the shop, there’s some serious roasting of siew yoke going on.


What the Duck..? It’s time to say Bye-bye!

Sun Ming Duck
No 137, Jln Sarjana,
Taman Connaught
Tel: 03-9133 2151


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