Big Tree Pan Mee @ Sungai Way PJ

Introducing one of my favourite breakfast places, called the ‘Big Tree Pan Mee’ .. do you know it?

The best thing about getting my car serviced is actually, the breakfast.

That’s right, at Mazda in PJ, the service is so good, that they take you to breakfast, while you’re killing time waiting for your car.

OK, maybe not all the sales personal do this, but the guy who sold me my car, still takes me out to breakfast, till today!

Not only that, my battery was dying (my car battery) and they replaced it without being asked, and for free! I am so happy – this must be my lucky day.


So, the place we go to for breakfast is a simple place, call the Big Tree Pan Mee or ‘Tai Shue Tao Pan Mee’. Many old timers hangout here for their morning coffee and to “yamchar”. I just love the pulled pan mee here, called the “Mee Hoon Kwey”.


The dough here is made by hand. And the lady puts it through the pressing machine to flatten the dough, then the noodles are torn by hand to give the characteristic uneven pieces with the ragged edges, and that is your mee hoon kwey.


hand made dumplings and mee hoon kwey


I like the Pan mee that comes in soup, together with dried anchovies, minced pork, mushrooms, and a leafy vegetable, i.e. the sweet potato leaves or sayur manis. Some like it served dry with a thick black soya sauce (also known as dried pan mee) and some like it in curry broth or chili-based broth, but I like mine in soup.


The pan mee soup at Big Tree Pan Mee is prepared by boiling pig bones and dried anchovies for hours in order to bring out the flavor. The minced pork they sprinkle on top of the noodle dish is incredibly tasty. The texture of the Mee Hoon Kwey is chewy and cooked al dente – just perfect!


They also do a terrific version of the pork and shrimp dumpling or ‘sui kao’ in soup. The skin is fine and silken and the stuffing is succulent and bursting with pork and shrimp flavour. Another hot favourite here is the stuffed tofu. The dumplings and stuffed tofu are RM1 each and rather value for money.


sui kao ( shrimp dumplings)


stuffed tofu pok

And all this would not be complete without a spanking spicy chili sauce.. and the Big Tree Pan Mee delivers. Feel the burn .. some bravehearts like to dump all the chili into the soup. I rather use mine as a dipping sauce because even a little, really numbs the tongue!

Pan Mee Sungai Way PJ

phewee! feel the burn!

A large bowl of Pan Mee costs RM5 and a small one costs RM4.50.


And this is why, I look forward to my car service that comes round, not quite soon enough;)

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Big Tree Pan Mee,
SS9a/13, Sungai Way
37300 Petaling Jaya,


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