Christmas Lunch at Cellar Door, with Chef Andrew Blundy

So this is where we spent Christmas lunch.., at Cellar Door with Chef Andrew Blundy..

If some benevolent Chef is offering to cook, and be there to ring in Christmas with you, with a huge 6 course feast complete with wine pairings, don’t say no.. Just show up!

And since I don’t cook anyway, this was a offer I could not refuse.


the smiling Chef hands us a massive plate of meat, complete with sharp knives

Dig into a family-style Sunday Ala-carte set lunch featuring traditional holiday fare like roasted meats, vegetarian sides, and of course, meat pie and christmas pudding for dessert.. and even if it is just for two, the portions are still super generous. Please bring with you a huge, ravenous appetite to do the meal justice.


According to Chef Blundy, Christmas dinner has to be traditional. That means a serious roast.. beef or turkey or both .. and a christmas pudding brought flaming to the table. Being British he tells us that his favourites are very much part of ”the old country” and date back to long before the Revolution! And you need to pick you best carver, to carve up the meat – send your strongest man.


that’s our strongest man ??!

The Christmas meal begins with roast plum tomato and fennel soup. This is followed by a beautifully plated smoked salmon and dill pate with vinigeatte.


roast plum tomato and fennel soup for starters.. comfort food.. totally delicious


super luxurious, slinky smooth smoked salmon and dill pate with vinigeatte


The main course is a Roast Norfolk butter basted turkey and garnished with red currant jelly and bread sauce with a generous heap of sage and onion stuffing (my favourite!). He serve this with potatoes roasted in duck fat. This fat will produce the best roast potatoes you have ever had. Chef Blundy uses a heavy cast iron pan and melt the fat on top of the stove. He finishes them in the oven, turning them from time to time with tongs so that they are browned on all sides. We also have roast butter ball turkey with truffled roast red meat, roast fore rib of beef with yorkshire puddings.


Chef Blundy serves all my favourites, especially the potatoes roasted in duck fat and yorkshire pudding! Love mine drenched in sauce till it’s soggy!

For vegetables we have brussels sprouts, brussels sprouts with almonds, vichy carrots, homemade sausages wrapped in bacon and roast gravy.


A lovely bloody medium rare! See.. the girl can carve!


Soon you can’t see the meat on my plate because everything is covered in brown sauce..

The piece de resistance is, of course, the homemade Christmas pudding, eaten with brandy butter or creme anglais. The pudding plates remain on the table and then sherry trifle, coffee and small hot mince pies the size of gold nuggets are passed around (you get a wish with your first mince pie of the season, for sure!)


homemade Christmas pudding, eaten with brandy butter or creme anglais


mince pies, sherry trifle and pudding


if you make me pick, I prefer my Christmas pudding, eaten with brandy butter !

When the meal is finally over, it is traditional (and almost impossible) to not fall asleep on the big leather coach at Cellar Door. Look out for these Sunday lunches which might commence next year. Stay tuned!

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