Just Heavenly Cafe @ BSC

Oh what glee.. Just heavenly has finally opened a cafe in Bangsar Shopping Center, directly across from A Cut Above, called, Just Heavenly Cafe.

This means that now, I can actually sit down to a meal in one of my favourite dessert places, after doing my hair.


Oh happy day.


Yes indeed.. Just Heavenly now has its own full-fledged eatery, serving all sorts of neat dishes .. from big breakfast to healthy quinoa salads.. you name it, they have it!


Grilled Nuttella Banana

Here’s one of my all time favourite, energy boosting meals – the cinnamon-toasted sourdough, topped richly with ripe bananas, nutella, hazelnuts and an orange reduction. Insanely tasty and great as a snack, 2 hours before hitting the gym. 100% delicious and power-packed with nutrition.


Detox Salad – quinoa

This one is a rather awesome organic quinoa based salad, tossed with roasted Mediterranean veggies, red onions and Greek yogurt. It’s so good it doesn’t even come across as eating health food!


Ridiculously large Breakfast

And did I not mention the supremely decadent big breakfast, at Just Heavenly Cafe? The sunny side up eggs and sausages and mushrooms that come with coffee and orange juice are to die for. But the thing I like best about this breakfast, are the pancakes – at once delicate and substantial, consistently fluffy and liberally milky. And then there’s the warm maple syrup, a surpassingly rich, sweet condiment that some have been known to sip straight from the bowl. As delicious as these pancakes are at brunch, they’re even better at weekday breakfast, when the crowds subside and then you and I can have the run of the place, not to mention the day’s supply of maple and cream. Yes, it truly does get that busy on weekends and at peak hour, so you have been warned!


Lamb Burghini

In a world where “burger” most often means a thin piece of meat whose flavor is overwhelmed by ketchup, mustard, pickle or onion, it doesn’t take much effort to make a better one. The key is to avoid places that just fry up packaged ground meat. You have no way of knowing where the meat came from. At Just Heavenly Cafe, the lamb burgers are definitely quality burger patties as in – they grind their own, from high grade lamb. Its served with some super thick yet crispy fries and sides of salad. I like the fact that they use raw watercress in their salads as well – very ecofriendly as it is locally produced and comes from Malaysia.


crab aglio olio

What is your favourite way to eat crab? For me, I like it all ways, in any way. So long as it is fresh. Sometimes a simple pasta dish “Aglio e olio” (regarded as peasant food) with the addition of sweet hand picked crab flesh, is hard to top. Here at Just heavenly cafe, it’s … just heavenly!


Limcade, Mint Magic and Berry Sandwich


Front to back – banana creampie, durian cheese cake, and carrot walnut


Got your halloween inspired cupcakes yet? 🙂


cakes galore!


The ever changing display .. depending on the time of year.. watch out for more cool creations from Allan and Nigel of Just Heavenly!

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Just Heavenly Cafe,
Level 2, Bangsar Shopping Center,
Kuala Lumpur.
Open 10am-9pm
Tel: +603 2011 4866


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