MIGF at Al-Amar, Pavilion KL

In Kuala Lumpur, though there is no shortage of Middle Eastern restaurants sprinkled throughout the city, few offer quite the same array of offbeat charms as Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine.

On a balmy KL night, our MIGF feast is starting to roll along fabulously and the night takes on a new nostalgic dimesion. Lebanese music plays in the background and from the time you enter the restaurant’s warm Mediterranean ambience, till the time you leave, it is safe to say that this place has loads of charm.

For MIGF this year, Chef Pierre Chahda has decided on a classical Lebanese menu. And so at Al-Amar, one should really kick things off with some aged Lebanese cheeses mixed with olive oil, parsley tomatoes and onions. Knock back some Arak, and know that the weekend has arrived.


Shanklish – aged Lebanese cheeses mixed with olive oil, parsley tomatoes and onions


arak – star anise is the predominant flavour here

Then moving along swiftly to enjoy the ever so creamy hummus, stuffed grape leaves, the moutabal (eggplant), steamed artichoke, and tabbouleh salad. The eggplant’s oily pleasures contrast splendidly with the smokiness of the long beans cooked in tomato sauce and olive oil. The artichokes, plump crunchy hearts of tasty layers, are a delight as well. This should be further enhanced by a superb wine menu, including special collaborations with Chateau Musar and Chateau Kefraya, two renowned wineries in Lebanon. Pairing the cold Mezze with the Chateau Musar, Jeune White would be a pretty good choice.


my all time favourite.. artichokes!


dissecting the Shanklish .. now you know, where the aged Lebanese cheese was hiding!

Then comes the hot Mezze. The falafel is light and well spiced. The Meffarakeh like the other shallow fried entrees we try that night, is unfussy but carefully cooked and seasoned, and this peppery beef is loaded with delectable mushrooms. So far, these hot mezze dishes would also team well with the shish barak – lamb stuffed wheat dough cooked in yoghurt and also the Spicy kafta skewers, that should complete the hot mezze repertoire.


hot mezze – meffarakeh, shish barak, falafel, and the spicy kafta skewers


Perhaps the best mains we try that night at Al-Amar, though, is the intensely flavored Moghrabieh Chicken – this dish of chicken and semolina pearls cooked with cinnamon and an all spice onion broth is a knockout. Pair this with the Chateau Kefraya, Blanc de Blanc, and be happy that semolina found it’s way onto the savory platter tonight.


Mains – a choice of Moghrabieh Chicken or the lamb rack below

The rack of lamb served with rice stuffed zucchini and vine leaves with mint yoghurt sauce is not my cup of tea, as it is too well done.


There’s a wide assortment of desserts usually at Al Amar, but for the MIGF menu, the Layali Loubnan which translates as “The night of Lebanon” is an uncommonly delicious pudding that is soft, sliky and billowy, with a rich topping of ground pistachios, bananas, nuts and honey.


cest magnifique!


Well done Chef Pierre Chahda on your well planned classical Lebanese festival menu.. it was a real treat!

Whichever way you go, though, you might think about ordering a cup of rich Labenese coffee, or Mint Tea and soaking up the ambience a bit longer. You could easily find yourself dreaming of old Lebanon.. It’s that transporting!

This MIGF menu is priced at RM115++ per person, without wine, or RM195++ per person with wines. For reservations: +603 2166 1011 or email [email protected]

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Lot 6.10,
Level 6, Pavilion
Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates – N 3 08.918; E 101 42.785
Phone: +603-2166 1011


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