Wondermama @ Bangsar Village, Bangsar

When I got a call, from my buddy, chef Edwin Yau to come over to his new restaurant, I had to stifle a giggle at the name of the establishment.



wondering what’s in store.. at wondermama..?

I really wondered what on earth inspired that name. Edwin is well known amongst the Malaysian diners, and the KL dining scene, made famous by the Japanese fusion restaurant, Daikanyama on Changkat Bukit Bintang. His fascination with Japanese culture began with the manga comics he read as a child, and as a chef he trained under Yoshio Nogawa at Singapore’s Sushi Kaiseki Nogawa. Edwin has spent 17 years developing Japanese restaurants in Malaysia and abroad, but two years ago, he was ready to quit. He tells us that he was all burnt out, and ready to either move on to something more exciting or give up the business all together. As luck would have it, he was inspired just in the nick of time, with an idea. He decided he would introduce a new breed of restaurants to Kuala Lumpur. The result is Wondermama, a design-forward diner that opened just end of June, that serves modern Malaysian cuisine. Once you settle down to dining you will notice strong influences from Japanese, Malaysian and Nyonya cuisine, all of which are served up in uber-cool and funky crockery and utensils which is the trademark of this colourful restaurant.


one of the coolest designs I have seen in a long time.. at wondermama

Wondermama is located in Bangsar Village, and the minute you walk into the restaurant it’s hard to ignore the colorful Nyonya inspired floor tiles, the old fashioned white washed iron grills and also the antiquated paraphernalia that pepper the corners of the stairwell. There is also a rather chill out open-air diner patio which the younger crowd seem to love. Malaysian architect Shin Tseng’s minimalist interior works in perfect harmony to remind one of the nostalgia of ’70s and ’80s Malaysia. Framed board games and “gambling tickets” with cartoon drawings from the era hang from the walls, while a deconstructed chandelier made with exposed bulbs and wiring gives this place a whimsical feel. Edwin even has plans for a corner selling Wondermama’s crockery, furniture and paraphernalia, he tells us. From the looks of the place, the quality of the food at super affordable prices (for this area, Bangsar, and when compared to the neighboring restaurants), and the crowd that flows in as the night progresses, we have no doubt that he will succeed.


this place has some rather ingenious ID in terms of tableware and merchandise


try your luck anybody? gambling tickets that can be exchanged for gifts etc.. if you win


nyonya laksa – Melaka style nyonya laksa RM13.90


fusion roti bakar – homemade garlic butter, kaya, tobiko (fish roe) RM4.50


salted egg salad – a must have! RM14.00 (the deep fried chicken bits are super addictive.. think karaage)


wondermama spaghetti special – cubes of otak otak, squid, beef bacon, in homemade spicy tomato sauce Rm22.90


special seafood maggie mee goreng – sotong, salmon, prawn, egg, mixed veg, onions fried up in local styled goodness! RM14.90


Malaysian Rojak




a fabulously rich and creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso. both local plus western coffee is served at Wondermama


What’s this strange timer device for?


Wondermama half boiled egg- here’s the spin on telur separuh masak – but it contains Japanese seaweed and mushrooms for added flavour RM3.80


Wondermama mee siam RM13.90


durian crepe with ice-cream and mini marshmallows – this is the goreng pisang with durian ice-cream.. nice, if you like durian! RM6.90

All good meals must come to an end, but don’t forget to save room for dessert. The durian crepe with ice cream is a treat for connoisseurs of the thorny fruit, but not my favourite as you might have guessed. However, the pisang goreng is enough to have you quaking at the knees.. super crispy and sweet.. a hunk of pungent, creamy, durian ice cream, embedded in the whipped-cream filling, drizzled with palm sugar, and topped off with marshmallows, was one of the most sinfully delicious local desserts I have had in a long time.


Nyonya kuih


the upstairs section has more surprises in store..


The Wonder Cafe, wander upstairs to be wow-ed further..


Ah, Wondermama.. NO WONDER it’s goes by that name!


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G6, Bangsar Village 1,
Jalan Telawi 1;
Tel. +603 2284 9821



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