Tourist and Business Visa Application at Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia

Trying to find out information on how to apply for tourist or business visa in the Embassy of Myanmar located in Kuala Lumpur? We had difficulty in finding it too. When we did finally find the embassy’s website, there wasn’t much information or directions to the embassy. We had to go in person to find out the details. The shuttling back and forth to the embassy incurs heavy costs in time, money and mental frustration for anyone.

Update October 2013 Visa Application has been outsourced to Ever Fine Travel & Tours. See bottom section


We’re going to save you the inconvenience by putting up the information here and even putting up the Tourist and Business Visa Application forms for download. This saves you a lot of time and money from having to pickup an application form from the embassy, and dealing with traffic jams, getting lost and trying to find a parking (it’s difficult to find parking here unless you park illegally or have someone wait for you). Note that illegal parking on the busy narrow strip outside embassy only perpetuates the traffic congestion. Becareful of the folks sitting on the curb!


Expect crowds outside and inside the embassy compounds throughout the day. Above are Myanmar nationals possibly renewing their passports. They are entering a different section of the embassy. Foreigner visa application counter is located to the left of this gate which is less crowded.


In the embassy grounds, there is a canteen area with 2-3 stalls offering pork-free food, snacks and drinks. There is also a photocopy facility. You can have a meal, chat with the Myanmarese, or watch the Myanmar soaps playing on the television. Outside the embassy, there are hawkers as well.

Visa application schedule

Submission Time: 09.30 to 12.30 (Monday to Friday) – Session ends when the counter window closes not if they close the entrance gate.

Visa Collection: 16.00 to 17.00 (Monday to Friday)

What do you need to bring for Tourist Visa Application (Individual)?

  • Myanmar Tourist Visa Application Form (photocopy is acceptable – as mentioned by counter clerk)
  • Two pieces Passport photos with white background. Dimensions 4.5cm H X 3.5cm W. One piece required to be glued on the application form. An example of passport photo in slideshow below.
  • Front page copy of each passport
  • Bring passport and ensure it has minimum 6 months validity
  • Copy of Air Ticket (Return) and Travel Itinerary (if applicable)
  • Processing Time and Fee (Updated 2013): 1 Day, RM110 per person

What happens?

  1. You collect application form in person at the counter (during the mentioned operation hours above) or download it from this page.
  2. Complete the form and prepare all the items mentioned in bullet point above.
  3. Submit the form and items above at the designated submission hours. They will keep your passport and collect all the documents. You pay the relevant processing fee and a receipt will be issued to you. This receipt is used for collection.
  4. Return to the counter on the designated date in the receipt and show the receipt to collect your passport and visa.


  1. Plan your journey to the embassy minimum 1 hour earlier than your preferred arrival time. Ampang traffic can be horrendously jammed
  2. Lanson Place is the most strategic place to park and it is legal so you don’t have to worry about a traffic summons. Just pay for the parking at the front desk when you return
  3. Write your full name and passport details behind your photo
  4. The counter clerk at the embassy sometimes get grumpy especially closer to closing or lunch time. As long you arrive within the stipulated submission or pickup time, they must take your application
  5. Take note of operation hours above and public holidays

For other visa applications

Here is the Myanmar Multiple Entry/Business Visa Application Form. In the photo slideshow below, there are images for visa application instructions for

  • Business
  • Tourist (Group/Package Tour)
  • Multiple Journey Entry
  • Social Visit
  • Religious (Meditation)

It is possible to apply for visa when you arrive in Yangon. Here is a link to Myanmar’s official immigration website for a list of countries which is allowed to apply for visa when they touch down at Yangon International Airport. There are also information on rates, application instructions and forms to download.

February 2014 (from a reader): Visa on Arrival (VOA) in Myanmar is for those who live in a country which do not have a Myanmar embassy and therefore can’t get the visa done locally. A travel agent has to apply on your behalf and give you a support letter. On arrival at the airport, present the letter at the counter to apply for your VOA. This is different from the usual VOA practices where a traveler can apply on the spot with a valid passport and without any preliminary paper work.

myanmar myvoa_1

Visa on Arrival Counter at Yangon International Airport

We do suggest you get your visas done before arriving Myanmar to save you the hassle of queues, forms, using your holiday money and/or worse of all, a rejection at the airport.

Getting Here

Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Tel : (603) 4251 5595, 42514455, 4251 6355
Fax : (603) 4251 3855

The embassy is located around the corner from Sayfol International School. The school is opposite Lanson Place Serviced Apartments.

View Larger Map


Thanks to a reader, we were updated on a recent big change on the visa application venue. We checked out the embassy and Ever Fine in person, and have compiled info for your convenience.

Ever Fine is legit. They take a Rm30 service fee per application. Worth it to you? The embassy struck a deal with Ever Fine so visa applicants do not have a choice but comply. Alternative would be for Visa On Arrival.  The new location is convenient for most people since it is located in the heart of KL (instead of Ampang). It is near backpacker hostels, hotels, retail shops, attractions (China town, Masjid Jamek, Courthouses, Merdeka Square etc), popular eateries, and next to the Masjid Jamek LRT junction.

Ever Fine is only taking in the applications and delivering to the Myanmar Embassy for processing. On a regular business day, collection can be done the same day. They are closed weekends but apparently open on Public Holidays (please call to check with them) but collection will be next business day.


A poster on Myanmar Embassy Gate and the old Foreigner Visa Application counter

Modern, comfortable air-conditioned seating hall for applicants

Myanmar Visa Ever Fine
Other services: Queue number dispenser, touch screen visa info kiosk, tour services, courier/photo services


All visa application forms ready


‘X’  marks the entrance.

Ever Fine is located second floor, through the entrance of Happy Holiday hotel, opposite a McDonalds and approximately 50meters from Masjid Jamek LRT junction. You can enjoy Soong Kee Beef ball noodles or Jai Hind punjabi food amongst many other popular street food nearby.


Ever Fine Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd
19-21, Mezzanine Floor, Jalan Tun Perak, 50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2022 2033, 2026 4075/6/7/8/9 (6 lines)
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Working Hour: 0800 to 1800 hours
Public Holidays: Apparently open but please call to check



If there isn’t a Myanmar embassy near you, or you don’t want the hassle of parking and queuing, you can now apply for a Tourist Visa online at the official Myanmar eVisa website. It is only for a Tourist Visa application.

The following info is copied from the eVisa website. To find out if your country is eligible to apply, please check the webpage.

You will need the following before you apply:
(a) Your passport validity must have at least (6) months.
(b) You have to upload one color photo (4.8 cm X 3.8 cm) taking during last (3) months.
(c) You will need your visa or master credit card for the payment of USD 50.

Visa processing information
(a) Length of stay is (28) days from the date of arrival in Myanmar.
(b) eVisa service is none refundable.
(c) You will receive an email acknowledgement within 1 hour after successful payment.
(d) The processing time is upto (5) working days.
(e) The validity of eVisa approval letter is 90 days from the issued date. If it is expired, entry will be denied.

If the applicant has child(ren) under (7) years old on the same passport, you have to put the name of that child, date of birth in the minor section of the application form.

The applicant should complete individual personal data whether passenger is FIT or package tour.

eVisa is a only valid for a single entry. Re-entry will require a new visa.

Currently passengers with eVisa are only permitted to enter via Yangon International Airport.

If the decision is not allowed to entry, you may return by the same flight.

Ordinary passport holders from the following countries are giving visa exemption for 14 days-
(a) Laos
(b) Vietnam
(c) Philippines
(d) Cambodia
(e) Indonesia


  • Audrey says:


    I understand that we can now apply for Myanmar e-visa online? Was so happy when I found out about the e-visa (wef 26/4/2012). Can you confirm after your visit to the embassy?

    Thanks 🙂

    • ciki says:

      Thanks for the tip, but you know, Internet service is not the best in Myanmar and we were worried there might be a glitch. Did you know that there are no CC facilities in Myanmar either, so when we saw the website, didn’t know if it was dubious. Also, this info might help travelers coming thru Malaysia.

  • KY says:

    went to Myanmar a couple times myself and thankfully the company runner did everything 😀

  • Vi says:

    Did you get your visa? Or did they decline it because you was taking taking photos? 🙂

  • Thu Reign says:

    it is very informative, you have mentioned the visa fees for tourist visa,
    May i know how much they charged for Business Visa, regular and express BTW.

  • GLS says:

    Thanks for all the helpful information on getting a Myanmar visa in KL. Really helps!

  • Kathie Gallardo says:

    Audrey above asked if you can get a VISA for Myanmar on-line. I see no answer.
    I was working with a company to get the MYVOA and then read at this time (December 2012) they will only accept MYVOA (Picked up IN Myanmar – prepared by the company doing this for me) for BUSINESS. It would make my life so much better if I can apply on-line. I read that reason you cannot get a MYVOA for a private individual is because they don’t have the infrastructure in Myanmar to process them. If I am not able to do the MYVOA on-line I will have to stay a week in Kuala Lumpur and miss 1/4 of my visit to Myanmar. I already have my tickets – and then learned the MYVOA would not be possible. So I will loose my ticket and have to fork out 6 days hotel fees. I did read one blog saying they reluctantly allowed one person to go on into Myanmar with their MYVOA.
    Thank you for any help.

    • cumi says:

      Hi Kathie, myvoa? Gasp! whats that? The online visa application is available at the official myanmar site but we haven’t tried.
      If you are already in KL, best to visit embassy counter during its scheduled visitor hours to enquire. The guy at the window gets a little grumpy though. The burmese nationals onsite maybe able to advise as well.
      good luck!

  • Suwei says:

    Latest update.
    RM110 – 2 working day (normal tourist visa – the next day 16:00 – 17:00 collection)

    p.s. so many people, long queues.

  • joe says:

    Hi there, i just wan to ask If my worker passport had been stolen. so what is the fee and how the process goes?

  • Sare says:

    Thanks for this info! It sounds like people who are not Malaysian residents can apply for visas to Myanmar at the emabssy in KL but can you confirm this please? I am British – can I apply in Malaysia while I am visiting? Thank you.

  • David says:

    Been in/out of Myanmar 6 times in the past 12 months.. Here’s my experience with each of the type of application available for Tourist/Business Visa:

    Visa on Arrival (VOA) – Tourist Visa:
    1. Initially this facility only available for passengers form listed approved countries (about 26 countries) flying in via Myanmar Airways only. I understand this may have been relaxed recently and passengers (from those listed approved countries) arriving via other airlines is eligible to apply for VOA. However, I can’t confirm this as I only saw this notice on a non-Myanmar Airlines check-in counter in a foreign country recently. Some non-Myanmar Airways airlines will prohibit their passengers from boarding if the passenger is not able to provide a VISA.
    2. Please have exact change in clean (no markings and fold lines) USD notes and 2 passport sized photo available. I only had clean USD100 but the counter didn’t have exact change. The counter refused to accept my USD50, USD20 and USD10 as there were slight noticeable fold lines. Took me a while to asked around other passengers for clean USD20 and USD10 as they also needed it for their own use.
    3. I forgot to bring the 2 passport sized photos. The senior officer refused to process my applications without photos. I also asked anyway other I can ‘help him to help me’ process my application. He said SORRY, NO! I left the line and waited for him to leave and submit to another junior staff. He said no problem, they have scanner to scan my passport. I guessed the senior officer wanted to ‘scare me’ or use me as an ‘example’ as I was 1st in line from my Myanmar Airways flight. Please note that there are no money exchange or digital photo shop/counter in the VOA area.

  • David says:

    Visa on Arrival (VOA) – Business Visa:
    1. See previous posting on Tourist Visa. In addition, you must have the sponsors letters and invitation letters from a Myanmar Company/Ministry/Hotel for your trip.

    Online E-Visa:
    The official Myanmar’s government e-visa website is under beta testing. it is not operational. Those other websites purporting availability of ‘e-visa’ are basically local Myanmar agent that gets your visa applied in Myanmar and then they’ll greet you when you arrive. they will pass you your VISA and you pay them for their services COD. I don’t recommend this as there is no guarantee that your VISA is waiting for you when you arrive and you have to be deported out the next flight

  • David says:

    Tourist/Business VISA via Embassy:
    1. This is the safest option. Depending on which country the Myanmar embassies are located, the turn around time ranges from 24 hour (normal or express service) to 3 working days for tourist visa and 24 hours (express) to 7 working days (with no possibility of express service) for business visa. Some embassy does not have any express service available, whilst some embassy have a normal/express service with respective fees rate.

    Multiple Entry VISA
    It is not possible to get multiple entry Visa unless you :
    1. have previously been granted a single entry business visa. Some embassy requires proof of 2 previous such visas whilst some requires only 1, OR
    2. proof of employment in Myanmar, or
    3. proof of investment in Myanmar,

    The multiple entry visa is only valid for 6 months and must be applied via embassy.

    Always be prepared. You do not want a simple task of getting a VISA to go awry and spoil your whole planned trip to Myanmar or to any other country.

    • cumi says:

      Hi David, Amazing information!
      Thank you for taking the time and effort to type in your experiences with Myanmar Visa application. 6 times in 12 months – that’s enough credibility.
      Your explanation of “e-visa” is eye-opening.
      Yes, the older Myanmar officers can be curt and very unhelpful. Lucky you met a helpful junior staff. A lesson of compassion for all of us. The visa counter staff at KL embassy are not always that cheerful either.
      We definitely agree with the traditional method of securing visa via the embassy before flying in.
      Yangon international airport is tiny and temporary residence (ala Tom Hank’s The Terminal [2004]) while waiting for your visa isn’t a consolation.

  • Jason LIm says:

    Hi, i would like to ask, do i need to submit the application myself? the reason why i ask so, as i was doing on behalf of my Boss, do he need to queue at the front gate of the embassy? My boss was going on a Business Trip to visit customer site, is advisable he request an invitation letter from the customer and apply the business Visa or a tourist visa will do? he will going for 4 days 3 nights. thank you in advance.

    • cumi says:

      We are only familiar with tourist visa application which you can go as a representative. Based on David comments above, for business visa applied at an embassy, you do not need an invitation letter and we assume it is possible for a representative to apply. However for higher success in visa application, please have an invitation letter from the Myanmar company with you.
      There is a link on our website to the official myanmar immigration website which you can check directly with, but it is temporarily down. You can try giving them a call.

      It would be great if you can post your experience on this application later. Good Luck!

    • David says:

      Dear Jason,

      All Business Visa requires ‘sponsor’ letters or ‘guarantee’ letters from a Myanmar company or Ministry. This letter also includes the following information:
      1. expected arrival/departure date;
      2. Purpose of the business trip (meetings, discussion, etc.);
      3. confirmed hotel bookings

      Since it is a short trip, just get a Tourist Visa. You or your boss only need a Business Visa for the following:
      1. If intend to stay >28 days;
      2. If intend to apply for multiple entry visa in future. The only multiple entry visa available are Business Visa, but you need to apply at least once for a ‘single entry business visa’ first. You must state in your subsequent application ‘business visa’ that you want a ‘multiple entry business visa’.

      I am not sure how strict the Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is. If you are applying for your boss, just make sure you have the following:
      1. Confirmed flight booking;
      2. Completed Tourist application form signed by your boss;
      3. Letter from your boss authorising you to apply for the tourist visa on his behalf.

      I just got my 2nd ‘single entry business visa’ from the embassy in Lao PDR. I was there for 3 nights and decided to get it there as i was concerned that there is only 2 working days in between the 1st May public holiday as I was traveling to Phnom Penh (29/30 April) and Kuala Lumpur (2/3 May), Apparently, the embassy in Phnom Penh and Kuala Lumpur required 3 working days to issue visa. Vientiane and Bangkok have the only Myanmar embassy in this region that still process visa within 24hours (express service).

      i couldn’t get a multiple entry business visa from Vientiane as the multiple entry business visa are only issued to person that are residing/working in respective country where the embassy is. I had to provide them with evidence (confirmed flights to Phnom Penh/Kuala Lumpur and lack of 3 continuous working days this week) why I needed to apply my visa from Vientiane as I am employed in Phnom Penh and a Malaysian citizen.

      Please note the application for Myanmar Visa requires Visa-sized photographs (3 pieces) to have a white-background and not the blue-background that are commonly used in Malaysia.

      I would be in Yangon from 8th May to 1st June. I can introduce your boss to the Malaysian Business Community there if he is interested. Just post your email here and I will write to you with my contact information.

      • cumi says:

        Another thorough reply from David. Thank you.
        Jason, Myanmar is getting pretty hot and humid now so pack accordingly.

      • Jason Lim says:

        thank you so much for the explanation, just found out that my colleague passport was not enough validity, and he had to renew his passport by tomorrow itself, in order for me to provide details for my customer to generate an invitation letter for us. flight is on 14 of May, is the visa application time is sufficient or i need to do a express application?

        • David says:

          Dear Jason,

          If you are getting the tourist visa, you do not need any sponsor letter form Myanmar. You just need to provide flight booking, hotel booking and places you intend to visit in Myanmar. I usually state in my tourist visa application various famous landmark/temples in Myanmar but i have not visited any of them yet.. 🙂

          I understand form my sister’s travel agent that express service has been suspended by the Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and only have the 3 working days process. You can inquire when you apply for the visa whether there is still express service available. Do let the rest of us know. I will apply from the embassy in KL in future if my schedule coincides.

          • marion says:



            I’m travelling for one year and planning to go to Myanmar.
            I’m now in Beijing, but applying for the visa from here seems difficult and long… So I think I will do it from Kuala Lumpur.
            David, reading your post, I understand that I have to provide my hotel booking ? All of them ? because it’s not really my way of travelling to book everything in advance…
            Do you know any way to book the hotels without paying, so I can give the booking for the visa application, and cancel them after…

            Thanks for your answer.


          • cumi says:

            Hi Marion, please see David’s reply below.
            In Myanmar, not all hotels/guesthouses accept foreigners. They require a special license for foreigners. There is now more hotels for foreigners but it cannot keep up with demand during peak so better you book first 2 nights before you arrive.
            As there is no credit card facility for mid level and low end accommodation, you can only book by phone or email. We suggest trying to keep your word on the booking though.
            Definitely come to Malaysia for weeks before going to Myanmar.

  • David says:

    Dear Marion,

    I have seen the application forms for Beijing, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, etc. All embassy basically uses the same template of forms. There’s separate forms for Tourist and Business Visa. Some embassy may have their own additional forms with request for further information (e.g the one in phnom penh requires my arrival date in Cambodia, residence in Cambodia, name of employer, job scope, previous number of visits to Myanmar, contactable number in Cambodia, purpose for visit and places that I would be visiting in Myanmar, number of days staying in Myanmar).

    If you are staying at few locations or traveling through out Myanmar, I understand it is not practical to obtain a full list of confirmed hotels bookings or your full itinerary that may change depending on circumstances.

    For all practical purposes, I usually provide a confirmed hotel booking in YANGON that matches my tentative date of arrival and if required, I usually state my purpose is to visit Yangon and nearby vicinity. Once you have your visa and arrived in Yangon, the authorities doesn’t track that you actually stayed in the hotel as listed in your application or stay the number of days. You have 28 days (inclusive of arrival and departure date) to stay in Myanmar with a tourist visa.

  • Jason says:

    Just to update my status,
    today i went to Myanmar Embassy on 11am, the crowd is not much, i had submitted my boss and my colleague details, (passport, photo-copy of passport, Flight Details, Invitation Letter from Customer, and 2 Photo, with a fee of RM 110.00 for Tourist Visa) surprisingly, the receipt stated there can collect on tomorrow.
    Hope this help.

    • David says:

      That’s good. So this means the express service is still available for tourist visa. would you have any idea whether there’s express service available for multiple entry business visa?

  • Cindy says:

    I am planning to apply Myanmar tourist visa for my parents as well. Based on the status update from Jason, that means I can submit the application forms on behalf of my parents. That’s great.

    Jason, thanks a lot for your status update.

    • cumi says:

      Yes you can apply on their behalf.
      Myanmar is fantastic. The people are so inviting. Bring a pocket fan during this period. Happy visiting!

  • David says:

    It’s bloody hot at the moment.. monsoon suppose to start anytime now but it hasn’t been pouring.. only occasional rain in early morning.. expect lots more rain in coming weeks/month..

    I have always used travel agents or office secretary/admin to apply for tourist/business visa.. just make sure you have the applications forms complete with necessary supporting (i.e. hotel confirmation, flight bookings, details of employment/business and sponsor letters from Myanmar’s company or Ministry (only required for business purposes/visa).

    another note, customs at arrival will scan all luggage in ‘green lane’ except for notebook bags or waist pouch or small handbags if you carry through casually.. if you are bringing more than permitted (e.g. cigarettes (2 cartons), cigars (25 sticks), cash (US$10,000), etc.), just keep those that exceed allowance in your notebook bag/waist pouch/handbag and walk through customs casually. a trick i use to distract custom officers is to show them the precious stone/gold rings am wearing and inquire if i need to declare them as the custom forms requires all precious stones to be declared. the officer will chat with me and would tell me it is not required and i just carry my notebook bag & waist pouch without taking them off for the scanners.

    for smokers, the duty free price on arrival is about US$17/carton (US$2.70/pack in town), there’s limited choices such as marlboros, 555, mild 7, davidoffs, dunhills, premium chinese brands and a host of lesser known cheaper brands (e.g. texas, L&M, etc). i’m a marlboro fan and need to get my marlboro before arrival as the ones available in myanmar are manufactured in china which taste different. if you’re a marlboro fan, you’ll know what i am talking about.

  • karma says:

    Thank you for sharing ur experience. I wanted to ask if its possible to get the visa (Tourist visa) on the same working day. I have my tickets booked on 22 and I can only go to the embassy at 21. Your reply will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    • cumi says:

      Hi Karma, based on past experience, visa is prepared for next business day pickup. There is no same day service. If it is difficult for you to go to embassy then you will need to pay for a runner to get it done early for you. Why take the risk going late?

  • Peter says:

    Great article, thanks very much. My wife and I are English and staying in KL prior to going to Myanmar. Is it necessary for us both to go in person to the embassy to apply for and collect visas or can I go and take both passports, photos etc?

    Thanks once again for such a useful article.

  • Cindy says:

    Hi, I am visiting Myanmar in early Dec 2013. Can I apply for the tourist visa in Oct 2013? Will it be too early? How long is the tourist visa validity? Please advise. Thanks.

    • cumi says:

      Hi Cindy, to our knowledge you can apply for visa much earlier than your travel date. If you get it out of the way early, you can plan your holiday better.
      Duration of visa depends on them when they review your flight details. Do update us on any changes regarding the visa application when you visit the embassy. This will help other local and international travelers.

      • Cindy says:

        Hi, thanks a lot for the advice. Will update once I got my visa.

        • Cindy says:

          Hi, just some updates on my tourist visa application. I submitted the visa application for my family and myself last Friday morning and on the same day evening I collected all the passports. The validity of the tourist visa is 3 months i.e. 3 months from the issuance date.

  • Adriano says:

    I was at the Embassy today to submit the visa application. There was no one at the counter except for a signage that states that you need to submit the visa application at Ever Fine Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd. No. 19,-21, M-Floor, Jalan Tun Perak, 50000 KL. T: 20264075. Unfortunately, I can’t upload the photo I took of the signage. Anyway, its very near Masjid Jamek LRT, directly opposite McDonalds. Its above a shop called CoffeeBox. The entrance is at the side. You need to go into the budget hotel lobby (Can’t remember the name of the hotel) and go upstairs. Service here seems faster. As I was told you can collect the Tourist Visa on the same day. (Collection time : 4-5pm just like at the embassy). I saw one of the Myanmar Embassy Officials, (he is normally there when I collect back my passport) there so, I guess its OK.

    • cumi says:

      Thanks Adriano for update. It is very helpful.
      I’ve made a call to the given number. It seems this company is a service provider to process visas for the Myanmar Embassy. The applications are still brought to the embassy to be processed. They are open on public holidays apparently but you can only collect the next business day as they need to submit the forms to the embassy. The rate for Tourist Visa is RM140 per person for 28 day visa. This is an increase of RM30.
      If anyone has more details on this new event or if this is not a legitimate practise, please share.

      Adriano, if you would like to share your photo. Pls upload to a image hosting site and we will be download or link to it.

      • Adriano says:

        I collected back my passport yesterday as I forgot to attach a recommendation letter from my company on monday. But the staff at EverFine was kind enough to allow me to submit the application first while I got my office to email in the letter..
        Was there at 4pm, but the guys (he was carrying all the passports in a plastic basket. haha!) only sent back the passports at 4.30pm. It was abit crazy as they started calling out the receipt numbers. Not exactly easy to understand, as their spoken English is mixed with Myanmar slang. So there was a big rush to be near the counter to listen for the numbers. Quite chaotic. Luckily for us a foreigner helped out by calling out the numbers so all of us could understand. Great Job to you Sir!
        Hope they implement a queue management system soon.
        I paid RM180 for a biz via, (I believe the extra RM30 is the service charge by the travel agent).

        • cumi says:

          I was at Ever Fine yesterday about 3pm. Maybe we saw each other. Yes, the Burmese slang can be difficult to understand. The well educated ones Yangon do speak fluent English and they love to practise whenever they meet a foreigner. With US media widely available in Myanmar cities, the younger generation are already exposed to US accents.
          Thanks for your update. It has spurred a critical update to this post.

  • Kim says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the fabulous information. I’m going to visit Myanmar soon and may be will stay more than 28 days. I would like to know where to download business visa application form ?? Or need to collect the application form personally from the Embassy?

    Is there any Myanamr Embassy Official website I can refer to?

    I’m kind of interested with the Malaysia Business Community in Myanmar mentioned by Mr. David . Is it alright I can have further information about this group??
    Thank you.

    • cumi says:

      Hi Kim, you can download forms from their website or visit the new office in KL. It’s straightforward. We have updated our post today so please read the bottom section.
      On David, try replying him at his comments here. We can’t release his email without consent.

  • Tee Chee Hen says:

    my wife from myanmar want to bring my 2 kids go to myanmar to stay around 1 month as visit kids need to do visa and any other document my wife need to prepare?i didn’t join their trip.thanks.

  • YL says:

    I supposed to travel to Yangon today and plan to obtain the tourist VOA, guess what? I got depot back because they claimed that I need either a company sponsor or travel agent letter even for tourist visa. My air ticket got burnt and wasted whole day of travelling 🙁

    • cumi says:

      Thanks for your update YL. Sorry to hear about your predicament. It is odd that you were rejected. It must be a new policy we are not aware of. Nevertheless, your update here will warn other travelers to apply for visas before arriving. Better be safe than sorry..

  • Apollo says:

    Visa on Arrival (VOA) for Myanmar is for those who live in a country which does not have a Myanmar embassy therefore can’t get the visa done locally. The travel agent have to apply on your behalf and give you a support letter. Then when you arrived at the airport present the letter and get your VOA.

    It is not the same as our normal VOA where you can just arrive without any paper and apply on the spot.

  • cylau says:

    Today I miss the time for VISA collection. Could I collect VISA on Saturday morning? or Wednesday morning? because I will travel on Wednesday afternoon.

  • KS says:

    Should I apply Myanmar visa online or need to go embassy ??

    • cumi says:

      Best to apply visa before arriving airport.
      If you are not near an embassy, then apply online. We have updated eVisa webpage link above. If you are in KL, then visit Everfine unless Myanmar embassy is accepting visa application directly again. Please update us on any changes.

  • Carmen says:

    May I know are the Business and Tourist Visa application forms the same? If not, would you please send me a link to the Business visa form?

  • Carmen says:

    It’s okay, I managed to download the form from Myanmar Embassy website. Thank you very much. This blog is very informative.

  • ellys says:

    Very informative blog..thnks all..plan to travel to myanmar june nxt year..but still not sure if I can apply tourist visa online. I am frm East Malaysia.

  • elvin says:

    25 Feb 215 Tachilek border accepting VISA before arrival , make sure you get a visa from Everfine despite whatever they said cannot go through by land just cost rm140 . when u get a 7 day permit in tachilel cost 500 baht. Visa before arrival can go as far as Kengtung (net lost if your visa cannot be used 90rm only) .rm140 -500baht (50rm) = 90rm .do not listen to Everfine counter as they do not understand the different between Myanmar Imigration and local embassy (brain dead).
    wish you all good luck when going to kengtung through Tachilek.

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