Best Tomato Noodles in Town – at Megah Good Luck

Just across the road from Restoran Gembira is Megah Good Luck. This is the place that I was referring to, that does the better Sarawak kolo mee. But it’s not just kolo mee that we come here for.


the sexy, slurpy and super tasty Sarawak Tomato Kwey Teow

The best Sarawak tomato noodles in Petaling Jaya can be found, right here, at this very stall. The wok-hei (smoky aroma from the wok) permeates the kwey teow noodles and the tomato base is just flavourful enough, without over-doing the “tomato-ness” of it. I hate it when the entire dish ends up tasting like tomato ketchup! Not so here. It’s a heavenly, sloppy mixture of orange colored sauce and juicy stir fried meat such as chunks of chicken breast meat, prawns, charsiew (BBQ pork), fish cakes, vegetables and bouncy flat rice noodles, that goes down only too easily, in one satisfying slurp.

If you ever head to Kuching, you will understand why the locals are so proud of this dish. The tomato mee, is the other version of tomato kwey teow that you should try. It is served with thin, deep-fried yellow noodles rather wide noodles. Once the tomato covers the crunchy noodles, it softens and imbibes all the delicious flavours of the tomato sauce. Terrific stuff!


the better Sarawak Kolo Mee – tastier than restoran Gembira, it has to be said


a fabulous char kwey teow as well – this place can do no wrong!


Cumi is having trouble getting anything to eat – I’ve just finished his kolo mee and am moving on the his tomato noodles. No wonder he had to grab the CKT before I devoured that too!


Restoran Megah Good Luck… for the best tomato noodles in PJ!


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Restoran Megah Good Luck,
Jalan SS24/11, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya,
(It is right behind Fatty Crab and is on the same row as RHB Bank)



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