Shuraku, Solaris KL

Shuraku is a slightly cramped space heavy with yakitori fumes, old calendars, and interesting Japanese magazines hanging from worn out grills. It is also so insanely cool that local Japanese (themselves, insanely cool) frequent this joint after work for an ice cold beer and some good authentic yakitori. Of course, it’s not just a manically friendly atmosphere or semi-secret slice of “Japan” they’re after, the food rocks, too. Yakitori.. grilled skewers of anything from mushrooms and chicken to liver and gizzards arrive hot, juicy, and eminently snackable, but the menu also features heartier dishes, such as Pork katsu, Cha Soba and Okonomiyaki.


Although yakitori means “grilled chicken” and usually on a stick, the time-honored working-class Japanese food that is the featured dish at this second-floor restaurant in Solaris Kuala Lumpur, is taken beyond its usual place as street fare due to the restaurant’s expert way of cooking it. Seated at the bar or at a row of small tables in one of two dining rooms,you might favour eating in the traditional manner – with grilling done but not cooked all the way through. If medium rare poultry makes you nervous, you can have it well done of course, and then the menu extends beyond chicken kebabs, with noodles and soups, baked miso eggplant, tofu skewers in a dark miso sauce, and a smattering of maki rolls. This place is huge on pork yakitori too.. be sure to try the pork belly skewers – it is a must!  Most dishes seem designed for accompanying drinks, especially Sake, Soju, Japanese cocktails or Beer, and we happily knocked these down as it was a Friday night, and our host was being generous.


More familiar areas of the chicken also make an appearance, i.e. the wings, thighs, breast, while a delicious long meatball on a skewer, served with a half boiled egg to dunk it in, seemed to be posing the question, can you possibly eat any more..?


Top Clockwise – Pork or Chicken skewers dunked in egg, Ginko Nuts, Kimchi dish


All sorts of Yakitori imaginable, my favourites being the pork belly and chicken gizzard. Salmon and Unagi make an appearance.


Shuraku, serving you since 2008


Lovers share a Yakitori stick in the dark




Baked Miso Eggplant  wow, a huge eggplant slathered in creamy dressing and baked – this is a terrific dish!


the girls chit chat over endless plates of yakitori and other delectable small plates of Japanese grub..


the hand that rolls..


Salmon maki


Spring Rolls


Dinner with KYSpeaks, Shaolin Tiger, Haze, Kimberly … I feel like I ate too much.. but Kimberly ate even the Miso Eggplant skin!


Here are the bones to prove it…

13-2, Jalan Solaris 1,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
Off Jalan Duta Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Reservation Hotline +6012-9714277
Outlet +603-62030561,
Fax +603-62030571
Non- Halal.
Opening Hours
Tues – Sat:   6:00 pm -12:30 am
Sun: 5:00 pm – 11:15 pm
Closed on Mondays
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