Kung Jung Delights.. my heart’s delight!

I will be going to Seoul tonight!

I hear that festivals are amongst some of the most unique events in Korea and from September to November they seem to pop up almost everywhere.


I was told to dress warm. During this time of year, the temperatures are usually between 5-10℃ and this is the time for harvest, with loads of fresh fruits, treats and delicacies to sample and eat.. what joy!

I was told to prepare for an EAT-FEST of a life time.


ox tongue


Medium rare is the way to go..


Of course I have been to Korea before..

But this time round it will be different.


I will get the exclusive, private tour because I will be meeting up with my mate Juno of Runaway Juno!


korean ginseng chicken soup

She told me, everything I eat will have “new meaning” and some of it will be different from what I have eaten before.


I guess I will start to see Seoul in a new light..

She promises plenty of Soju, Sightseeing and Shopping (my THREE favourite “S” words on earth).



She tells me that Festivals in Korea combine some of the most fascinating elements of Korean history, culture, arts, and food, making each festival a unique reflection of each region’s personality. In Korea, there seems to be a festival for everything!

There’s a ginseng festival, a firework festival, a herbal medicine festival, a drum festival, and of course, a kimchi festival (my favourite, oo.. I told her I hope I get to go to this ‘pungent’ festival) -not to mention, many, many more festivals happening all across the peninsula.


korean kimchi

Too bad I missed the Pusan International Film Festival which is in October. She tells me, not to worry. There will be plenty of sweet stuff to do, enough to keep me occupied for a while at least. After all, I’ll only be there a couple of days, it’s no like we can do EVERYTHING.

Yes OK. But maybe she has not seen the way I move. I’m fast.


spare ribs


Footnote: Photos above are taken at Kung Jung Delights, PNB Darby Park, Jalan Binjai, Kuala Lumpur. Kung Jung is located on the 3rd floor of PNB building and is one of my all time favourite Korean joints in KL. Totally authentic and amazingly fresh Korean cuisine is served here. They also have a Japanese Sushi bar at the front of the restaurant. Many Japanese and Korean cilentele frequent this place and rightly so.

Google Maps to Kung Jung Delights


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