The reason why I have never been big on theme restaurants is because I just find them plain garish. They go against my sense of good taste and they give me an uncomfortable, “make believe” feeling that’s weird, and just not me. Theme restaurants are also restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the furniture, the food and the overall ‘feel’ of the restaurant. The food usually takes a backseat to the presentation of the theme, and these restaurants attract customers solely on the premise of the theme itself and that is another big reason they are normally “X”-ed on my list.


Spaghetti Vongole

S0, why am I at Fullhouse?

Well, for one thing, my young and gorgeous sales team members wanted to have a lunch pow-wow and this place happens to be near our work place. Also, the menu that was almost as thick as a miniature bible was filled will attractive photos of fine-western cuisine with equally attractive prices to boot. The last few pages were full of paparazzi shots of famous Asian Celebrities who have ever dined at the restaurant lending credibility to the joint. Alarm bells should have rung with the almost across the board, under RM20 per dish menu, just being too good to be true.


Deep Fried Battered Chicken in Cream cheese Sauce and potato salad


Seabass with Spinach, Tempura and mash potatoes


Finger food of every kind, Roasted Lamb chops and some happy, hungry friends digging in. I don’t like being photographed with my mouth full (bottom left).

While the food wasn’t as horrific and as God awful as I expected it to be, it was not great western either. Don’t get me wrong the food wasn’t bad, or off, or inedible.. it was just shy of being well executed. It photographed well, it smelt good.. but something was just missing when you put it in your mouth.

Having said that though, this place has been around quite a while now and they keep opening new branches all over the place, this latest one being in Sunway Giza. Not only that, Fullhouse is always well, full-house. Now obviously this place is doing something right. I think cheap , affordable prices, and a cool, theme-crafted place to be seen, is what keeps the young (teen to 20’s ) coming back. If not for the fantastic food, then just a comfortable place to be seen and hang out with their friends over an affordable meal.

Sunway Giza,
No.2 Jalan PJU5/14,
PJU5, Kota Damansara


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