Abigail King – Five photos that fill me with emotion

Happy #traveltuesday readers. Today’s guest blogger is my pal, Abigail King from the U.K. She writes about Five fantastic photographs that have made an impact on her – that move her .. that make her feel something. Either good or bad, a great photo should make you feel something.. agreed?

So what are your emotional photos?

Before we get to the photos, let’s start with the words. Dread, to be honest, is what I thought when I first read that request on my computer screen. Dread because it was already 2 am, I was flying in less than 24 hours and already my to-do lists were sprouting across my makeshift desk like dandelion husks on an English lawn.

At another time, in another place those same words would have lifted my spirits, encouraged me, challenged me or even inspired me. Which just goes to show that it’s often not what anyone says or does that explains the emotional response we have, but the circumstances we’re going through and the stories we have in our heads.

Is it the same with photographs? In many cases, yes. Chances are that my wedding photos will fill me with more emotion than you. Images of Barack Obama or Britney Spears would lose half their power if we lost our memories and forgot the story behind them.

So, as an experiment, I’m stripping all “personal” photos from this list (Lucky you, no baby photos!)

Here we go..

1. Grasshopper, Andalucia

Wonder – at the detail in the world that we pass every day without noticing.

2. Kasabian, Benicassim FIB Festival

Excitement and anticipation – as rock stars get ready to perform.

3. Benicassim Beach from The Air

Peace – seeing the world from this height puts my problems into perspective.

4. Entrance to the Red Cross and Crescent Museum, Geneva

Awe – at the courage of people who risk their lives to fight against oppression.

5. Tango Dancers in Buenos Aires

I’m just impressed, no doubt about it!

I’m curious to know whether the following photos fill you with any emotion at all..?

About this weeks Guest writer:

abigail kingAbigail King is a journalist who loves to explore the world and investigate the art and science of unusual journeys. Read about her adventures on her award-winning travel blog Inside the Travel Lab or follow her on Twitter  (where you’ll realise she’s not as grumpy as this blog post may suggest!)

Abi’s website: Inside the Travel Lab

Follow abi on twitter: @insidetravellab

Footnote: For the pleasure of those who know Ciki &/or Abi and their crazy side..

*Dialog between Ciki and Abi after reading her post and seeing that word, ‘dread’ :
Ciki: U dread getting emails from me? *sniffle.. *

Abi: No, Ciki! I’m exaggerating ..!

Ciki: Pfft.. now I know.. 🙁

Abi: Of course I love getting your emails and being featured on your blog.. I’m just painting a picture.. to heighten the emotion.. geddit?

Ciki: Oh! (ciki brightening substantially) .. heighten emotion eh? hmm.. it worked! 😛

Abi: *rolls eyes*

Ciki: *goofy grin*


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