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Joe's Farewell1




This post is dedicated to my buddy Joe of Lots of Cravings.. he will be off to the land Down-under soon, to start the next chapter of his oh so ‘Young’ life!

We will always remember Joe, Hairyberry and Masak-masak as one of the 1st few people/food bloggers who found our blog when we first started off as rookie bloggers many eons ago. Back then, we did some things right, many things wrong, but these generous people encouraged us with comments and feedback and made Cumi&Ciki what it is today. Even now, I find this selfless trait of encouraging new bloggers exemplary & admirable in these pioneer food bloggers. Not only that, but to keep the blogging passion alive over the years, is real dedication and something Cumi&Ciki seek to emulate.

Thank you for your friendship and if you ever stop blogging Joe, ima gonna come to Australia and kick ur a** !



Credits:Thank you Fatboybakes for hosting Joe’s farewell party and for feeding us hungry lot! Thanks also to the “usual suspects” who brought food for the potluck! You guys rock.


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