10 Ways to Experience the Malaysian Night Market

adventure rob4

Adventure Rob was in town on a really tight schedule, en route London. The SMS read – I’m free for dinner, what’s the plan? Since it was a Sunday and Cumi & Ciki’s routine is normally to visit the *T.T.D.I. Night Market or ‘Pasar Malam’ (after Cumi’s basketball game), we decided to drag Rob along with us for a quick induction into the favourite Malaysian weekend past time – walking the night market.

At the end of the night, Rob said he had a great time and would come back again sometime soon. He says that if anyone asks him, he will tell them that, “Cumi & ciki will take you to the night market and then..,


1. Cumi will teach you how to handle a papaya like a man.. ahem!


2. Ciki will show you how to do the bovine stare!


3. And if you smell some fishy business going on..


4..then you will probably learn not to believe every sign you read! {oren(orange), very sweet..)}


5. Cumi says, you always need to test the fruits out for yourself..


6. But if you get really hungry, please indulge in some fantastic Malaysian hawker fare.. such as the satay,


7. Nasi goreng, nasi briyani and even ayam percik.


8. Not forgetting Malaysia’s very own delicious version of Mac Donald’s newest burger.. Oblong Burger.

adventure rob

9. You name it they have it.. round, oblong, square..

adventure rob1

10. from the sweet to the savory,


..the night market has it all.

After all that grub, Adventure Rob was still hungry(!) so we took him to our favourite haunt in Old Town for some good old fashioned Chinese Hawker.


Taman Selera(Food Court) Jalan Othman, Old Town…

adventure rob2

Wow, Adventure Rob can eat any Malaysian under the table – look at that:P

adventure rob3

Finally one last stop to introduce Rob to Cumi’s favourite Pao/Bao shop. This old man is the famous old man of Old Town. His Pao (dumpling) is very similar to the traditional Chinese mantou but larger and is filled with either meat or vegetarian fillings. A superb breakfast for people on the go. Just keep it in the refrigerator and you can heat it up in the morning.

We sent Adventure Rob back with a huge stomach and hopefully enough food shots for him to post a blog or two;)

Read more about our friend Adventure Rob here at this website.

GPS: N03.13968, E101.62833
TTDI Night Market, Google Maps
Taman Selera Jalan Othman, Old Town Food Court, Google Maps
*TTDI stands for Taman Tun Dr Ismail, one of the main townships in Kuala Lumpur
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