Why do People Travel? 5 moods, 5 journeys.

Why do people Travel? Here is my good friend Simon and her Travel Tip on .. Why people travel.. the 5 moods with 5 journeys.

North? South? East? West? Sea? Mountains? City? Desert? There are so many amazing places to visit and lots of good reasons to go and discover each of them, but in the end I have to choose. Thinking about what drove me toward specific countries and journeys I found out that most of the times my travels reflected my mood. I’m aware that matching a destination with a mood is very personal, but maybe you might recognize something of yourself.


Algeria, Akakus. Photo by Simon Falvo
1. In search of loneliness, silence and meditation: my place is the desert and its limitless extent.  And that’s how I discovered the Merzouga dunes in Morocco, the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia and I got enchanted by the amazing and ever-changing landscape of the Algerian Akakus desert.


Peru, Andes. Photo by Simon Falvo

2. Looking for challenge:
to me, there’s nothing as challenging as the high mountains or scuba diving in the deep. I’m proud of having trekked in Peru at 4,900m, thinking that it was like being on the top of the highest European Mountain, the Mont Blanc. And I still feel thrilled thinking back at one of the most amazing dives in my life, down to 59m to pass under the Elphinstone arch.


Los Roques, Venezuela. Photo by Simon Falvo

3. Feeling cool and relaxed:
here come the three magic words. Sea, sand and sun… My paradise beach? I found it in Los Roques, Venezuela. Dazzling white sand, crystal clear water and almost deserted beaches.  Is there anything more I could wish for?


Italy, Dolomites. Photo by Simon Falvo

4. Seeking for peace:
when I want to feel peaceful, I just go hiking. I love being driven by the rhythm of my even pace, hearing at the sound of the nature and feeling so small. There are indeed countless awesome hikes throughout the world by one of my favorite places is the Dolomites. Every time I feel the same bewilderment in front of this magnificent and unique scenery.


Brazil, Salvador de Bahia. Photo by Simon Falvo

5. Willing to be a foodie:
well, being Italian that might sound strange. But I am a food lover and I believe that cooking is  a fantastic means to discover local traditions. Whatever the place, I love tasting traditional dishes. The most amazing culinary tradition I experienced so far? Salvador de Bahia, in Brazil. Traditional Bahia dishes are a pleasure for the eyes and a delight for palate. Simply unforgettable!


Brazil, Street Food. Photo by Simon Falvo

Simon Los RoquesAbout this guest writer:
Simon is ‘wild about travel’ and as soon as possible she packs a few things and goes. Born in Italy, growing up in a small village in the Swiss mountains and at 18 back to Italy, in Milan, she remained a nature lover. Simon loves adventure travel and wilderness, and she is wild about scuba diving, hiking and skiing. She started blogging for fun, while she was jobless, but soon got passionate and continues writing her ‘Travel tales by a Travel Addict’.

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