5 photos that have inspired me the most, and why.

Today’s Travel Tip is by someone who needs no introduction! My friend and amazing blogger, Keith writes on 5 Places that have Inspired him and challenged him on to bigger things.

Bali sunset


Sunsets always inspire me. This particular sunset in Bali will stay etched in my mind forever for its sheer brilliance and intensity. The word “breathtaking” was probably invented for scenes like these!

Books on Bali:

Angkor Wat

Bayon_Angkor Wat

The ancient temple city of Angkor Wat in Cambodia is an inspirational display of man’s ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Books no Angkor Wat:

Lang Tengah island

Lang Tengah

I’ll never forget my very first shark encounters at Lang Tengah island. It taught me a valuable lesson about fear and how to overcome it. Simply drop your inhibitions and forge ahead! Whenever I feel pangs of fear, I think of my experiences on Lang Tengah.

Whitehaven beach

Whitehaven beach

This stunning stretch of sand will inspire anyone. I sat on this beach for hours, reflecting on my past and what I needed to do to move on. The dazzling colours of the water, the pure white sand and the gentle lapping of the waves at my feet gave me various epiphanies, the most important being the importance of harnessing my passions to propel me forward.

Iguazu Falls


“Standing at the edge of the Iguazu Falls

This photo exemplifies the immense joy I felt during my world trip in 2008. I

had left my banking job and decided to travel. Standing at the very edge of

the magnificent Iguazu Falls, I felt the cool droplets of water on my skin and

as I looked over the edge, I saw the gorgeous rainbow at the foot of the falls.

At that moment, it seemed as though all the pieces of the puzzle of my life

had fallen into place and a whole new future beckoned. Like the massive falls

before me, I realised that the future was going to be a dive into the unknown,

but it was in my own hands and it would be spectacular. If I followed my

heart, the future would be rewarding, like that brilliant rainbow below. The

mix of happiness, contentment and excitement I felt at that moment was


–         excerpt from Travelations – the trip that opened my eyes

Books on Iguazu Falls:

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