Movie Review – [rec]2


I loved the 1st installment of [Rec] because it used first-person faux-documentary camerawork, following a TV presenter into the building as she investigated some strange going-ons and the sequel continues this style to great effect. We ride along looking through the helmet cameras of a four-man S.W.A.T. team tasked with escorting a senior “health” official into the building to investigate the outbreak. The outbreak of terrifying, duct-crawling hairless screeching child zombies.

If [rec] was frightening, let me just say that [rec]2 was just down-right blood curdlingly terrifying. It paves the way for [rec]3 for sure .. all you horror freaks out there.. you’re going to love this one. Cumi and I only breathe easy again when the credits hit and not a single second before!


  • gfad says:

    Scary huh? I think the Europeans and Japanese are really good at these genre. I’m a scaredykat. I don’t watch horror. I worry for my overactive imagination when I’m alone in the house. Even the trailer for Paranormal Activity freaked me out.. 😀

    Did you watch ‘Martyrs’? Was reading about that. Which lead to ‘Irreversible’ starring Monica Belluci. Not scary in horror scary, but very disturbing nonetheless.

    • cumi&ciki says:

      Young women brutalized to a place beyond pain, as part of an experiment..? You really don’t need to see martyrs!
      yea, hated martyrs coz it was pointless, full of meaningless suffering and had a weak plot. even for horror, it has to have a gripping storyline with a purpose to scare.. martyrs was as if they just ran out of a plot and decided that TORTURE would be a great storyline. i found it disgusting, not horrific.

  • Jen Laceda says:

    I love watching horror films with friends because it adds another dimension to my “terror” – when other people start freaking and screaming, it just adds to my terror! Hahaha. But I’m 36 weeks pregnant now and have skipped all kinds of scary movies recently. In case I go to premature labour! Will keep this movie on my list, though!

    • cumi&ciki says:

      same here! i yell straight after someone yells.. not because I’m freaked out by the movie.. isn’t that weird? LOL
      my husband is a great security blanket.. when i was single, i never used to watch horror. now, i hardly sleep alone (unless i travel) so it’s ok!

  • Devil is scared of scary films. So how? Maybe I can watch it with Cumi & Ciki. Y’all braver, rite? 😛

  • Sean says:

    i didn’t realize there was a sequel already! remember watching the first installment (or maybe it was the american remake), and found it too creepy, so i fast-forwarded thru most of the later scenes 😀

  • *squirms in seat* Eeeee. Horror movie….

  • thebaDderMan says:

    this should be interesting 😯 -where we thoz the similarly absorbing District 9 was an Xciting 😈 watch.
    We wanna book you for {REC 3}

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