For Goodness Saké @ Bangsar Village 2


We like For Goodness Saké (pronounced Saké as in the drink ) for the fact that it is new, has terrific ambiance and great Japanese food to boot. They serve mainly various sorts of maki here, Japanese noodles, salads as well as Yakitori (only at night).


Cha Soba – green tea soba with soup served cold RM16

Green Tea Buckwheat Noodles are my all time favourite type of noodles because I like the springy refreshing texture of cold noodles and it helps me stay cool in the maddening KL heat. I also particularly like the energy giving properties( great for cardio fiends like moi) and well-balanced nutrition of soba that leaves me energized later, as opposed to sluggish .. like  KL traffic during peak hour!


soft shell crab maki -RM20


sake maki – RM 20

Sake maki and soft shell crab maki – another hot favourite .. carbo (I love Japanese rice as opposed to local tasteless rice :P) loading during lunch helps with gym activities later and a long run. Low animal fat content in the maki also leaves me feeling less sleepy after lunch.


Tori Katsu Curry Udon with fried crumbed chicken – RM18


Have I said enough times that they make great noodles at this joint? The Katsu Curry Udon at ‘For Goodness Sake” is delicious! The texture of the udon is perfect and the crispy fried crumbed chicken when dunked into the sweetish curry soup is damn addictive. No supermarket deep-freeze smell is evident in the chicken so that passes my test!

I heard that For Goodness Sake is expanding soon. There will also be a larger menu to cater to the expanding restaurant. We cannot wait to see what is in store in the near future.

For Goodness Saké
2F-29A, Bangsar Village II,
No. 2, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,


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