RAMA V @ Jalan U Thant, KL

Thai food is synonymous with spicy chilies. What is Spicy Thai food if it is less than Cathartic in nature, right? I don’t know about you, but I am addicted to mind-blowingly HOT, tongue-numbing Thai food.

A few reasons why Chili in Thai food is Good for you:

1. Chili has a lot of fiber.
Chili is an excellent source of fiber. In addition to keeping you regular, fiber also slows the rate of sugar absorption into the bloodstream. This keeps your blood glucose levels from rising and falling too quickly.
2. Chili contains Vitamin C.
Chili provides a tremendous amount of Vitamin C. The more antioxidants you take, the better. Their high vitamin C content can also substantially increase the uptake of non-heme iron from other ingredients in a meal, such as beans and grains.

3. Chili is high in potassium, magnesium and iron.
Capsaicin in Chili is a safe and effective analgesic agent in the management of arthritis pain, herpes zoster-related pain, diabetic neuropathy, postmastectomy pain, and headaches.

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On a HAPPIER less scientific note:

4. Chili can help you lose weight.
The capsaicin found in the chilies can increase your metabolic rate simply by raising your bodily heat production.

5. Chili can make you happy.
Chiles promote endorphin and serotonin release, both of which inflate your mood. The capsaicin is the trigger for increasing the serotonin and endorphins. These two raise your mood levels so you can actually feel happier just by trying a new chili recipe. What an added bonus:)

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6. Chili can curb your cravings for fatty foods and sweets.
Some recent research has given some proof that the capsaicin in chilies actually curbs your cravings for fatty foods and sweets and you have a good chance of no wanting dessert afterwards. (erm, but if you’re Me, not likely.. haha, but it was worth a try..)

7. Chili can help boost your immune system.
Chilies are high in Vitamin A, which can naturally boost your immune system. The more chilies you use in flavoring your Thai chili dish, the more Vitamin A you are putting into your body.


8. Chili may help regulate blood sugar after eating.
Apparently the capsaicin in chili also can help regulate your blood sugar. A July 2006 study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the amount of insulin that was needed to lower patients’ blood sugar after a meal is lower if the meal contains chili. It’s true that your fiery Thai food chili is good for you.

9. Chili can help clear congestion.
The capsaicin in chiles help clear mucous from your stuffy nose. The next time you feel a cold coming on, prepare a big batch of chili to help you breathe easier. It will help keep you warm too. Eat spicy Thai food, ward off the cold!

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Anyway, enough talk about Chili. Thai food was what we had for dinner that night. Rama V was the location. The occasion was the joint birthday celebrations of Andre and Danny – a good enough reason as any, to get together for a huge makan and piss up session!

As you can imagine, Hot, spicy chili and great Thai food to lift the mood, alcohol to loosen inhibitions, great music and singing by the host himself Danny, stellar crowd of gorgeous people, both familiar and new faces.. mix it all up and what you have is a fantastic party!

Oh, and my favourite Thai dessert of all time.. the Lup Chup. Dainty mung bean desserts fashioned as miniature fruits. Explosions of flavour!

The night draws to a close. We had a great time. Thank you Danny and Andre for the invite and for throwing a spectacular party!

* Collages 1 & 2, courtesy of FBB.

** It is true, Danny can really sing, but Andre cannot.
*** Happy to have made the acquaintance of R and B! Wishing you guys all the best for your year end celebrations:)


  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    Rama V again??? I still don't have time to visit this place yet!!!

  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    Danny can really sing, but Andre cannot?? hahahahahhaha. Talk abt being blunt. Oh well, Andre has other assets too, horrrrr?

    Happy birthday, ol' chaps. 🙂

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    yar, wat to do.. so many parties, so little time;)

    HE (andre) said it.. not moi. teehee;P

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