Peter Pork Mee @ Brickfields, KL

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Peter Pork Noodle.

The day after Mowgli (a.k.a. my husband, a.k.a Cumi) emerged from the Sarawakian jungle, unscathed and uneaten by ‘Kaa’… the famished boy-cub took me into Brickfield’s in search of that legendary pot of thick sweet pork meat soup.


Don’t talk to me. Don’t look at me. Don’t come near me until I have had my Peter Pork fix. Can you see how long Mowgli’s (a.k.a. Cumi) hair has grown, out in the Sarawakian jungle? Tis an unruly mess innit?! 😛


Uncle Peter can be found here – Money’s Corner. His son’s running the corner shop just across the road from YMCA (photo of coffee shop found in first collage above). Money’s corner (or Mayflower as the sign is way up high and more visible) is just a short walk down the famous ‘blind massage street’ of Brickfields, and that is where the original Uncle Peter cooks.

Peter’s Pork mee is murky and dense with aroma and sweetness. Break that egg yolk and immediately intensify the flavour of the soup.
Mowgli never had it this good.

.Strolling, strolling, strolling.

I spy with my little eye… Gulab Jamun!
We decide to tapau this from the nice Punjabi man in the orange turban for our dessert. Gulab Jamun gets its brownish red color because of the milk powder or khoya. In other types of gulab jamun, sugar is added in the dough, and after frying, the sugar caramelization gives it its dark, almost black colour, which is then called kala jamun, “black jamun”. Kala jamun is very popular in the state of West Bengal in India.

To me, it’s a delicious fried dough ball, soft and saturated with sugar, just begging to be eaten.

DSC06617 DSC06621
We also try a whole load of sweets from this shop. By the 4th piece I start to feel my gut protesting. The nice man tells us to pop some fennel to take away any cloying after taste of the sugary desserts.

On account of its carminative properties, fennel is chiefly used medicinally with purgatives to allay their side effects and for this purpose forms one of the ingredients of the well-known compound Liquorice Powder. You immediately fell like you are eating candy (liquorice sticks) or something comforting from your childhood days at the movies (my folks use to pack a huge bag of sugar babies and liquorice sticks to shut me up in the cinema.. but erm, I think it only made me more hyperactive :P) Fennel seeds or tea can relax the intestines and reduce bloating caused by digestive disorders. Ah, no wonder it is eaten after meals as it aids digestion as well.

Next time you are in Brickfields be sure to give Uncle Peter and the Gulab Jamun a visit!

Peter’s Pork Noodles,
Money’s Corner, 144A, Jalan Vivekananda,
Off Jalan Brickfields
50470 Kuala Lumpur

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  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    So that's the gulab you promised me lar. Just as well I didn't wait for you and get my heart shattered into a million pieces – I sapu'd 4 gulabs on Saturday while Tim had another 4…not sure where those gulabs came from, but they were damn good. We should declare every Saturday as Gulab Jamun day.

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    peter pork noodles?? reminds me to blog about them eventhough this is like a weekly ritual to go there n eat his pork noodles!

  • gfad says:

    Mowgli eh? Thin with a shock of hair.. now I see the resemblance!! 😀

    Uncle Peter's surname is not Po(r)k right?? Reminds of The Pok Brothers with their hot air balloon logo..

    Used to like Gulab Jamun. Till I discovered rasmalai. Oh so good.. Best of all, it feels more healthy!! Don't really know if it is or not..

    Guess I'm too late for the contest. Even though technically over here, it's only 9:28am, Monday 08 June 2009. Anyway, for the heck of it..

    (it kinda continues from FBB's since it's a similar contest..) Nasi lemak without the lemak is like…. wearing gloves while digging your nose.

  • Brother B says:

    have you tried the lam mee and prawn mee at this place? they are very good- ask for more chilli – i go there for lunch quite often – the only thing that bothers me is that the place is very hot

  • Pureglutton says:

    Heard so much about this pork noodles. One day must brace the heat and jams to head over to Brickfields leh!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    yar, no gulab for you because you didn't save any Korean for ME!

    yea, i heard u lk this guy's pork noodle too!

    not too late! I have submitted.. donch wori..

    no.. but im sure u and I will go soon eh?!

    true, so wear shorts and tshirt and slippers!

  • Life for Beginners says:

    Ooh… wish I had some fennel seeds the last time I had Gulab Jamun… Sweet much? 🙂

  • thenomadGourmand says:

    atr post i missed!
    pork pork pork..callin out to me..eekkkk..

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