ATV Quad Bike @ Ayer Keroh, Malacca

What does Ayer Keroh have apart from, 

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and RM2.50 Chicken rice?
(Cumi: Really well prepared roast & boiled chicken! Moist and flavourful with minimal salt. Possibly even better than the best, at dirt cheap prices! – compared to KL that is)


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Exhilarating Off-Road adventure!  



This crazy little ride can get pretty intense .. tearing up steep terrain, stirring up dust, mud and leaves as you learn to negotiate sharp turns, uneven gravel grounds and deep slopes. By the end of this mad, bumpy ride you may just feel yourself swaying a little but the sweat is worth it! It’s excellent and even a little nerve-wrecking especially as the biggest dip comes into view. What goes up, has to come down right .. yikes! Just take a deep breath and go for it… I did and lived to tell the tale .. haha 😛
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This wheel spinning adventure is created by Chang Chong Onn, a friendly and humble family man who started a mini go-kart circuit because of his passion for speed, fast ‘toys’ and fast action martial arts. This cool dude represented Malaysia in numerous International Tae Kwon Do competitions (back when he was half his current size… erm, even he admits:P) and has travelled as far as Europe to show off his death defying stunts which include, flying kicks, chopping bricks and flying (body, mind and soul) over speeding bikes. Now if that’s not living your passion, I don’t know what is! Today Chang runs a go-kart track complete with pocket bikes, ATV/Quad and buggy rides. For you thrill seekers out there, the jungle is way more fun and challenging than the tracks, as I soon found out! You have to be 16 and above to participate but passengers for the buggy may be younger.
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However, have no fear..! Kiddos will not be disappointed with the go-kart track as that offers children’s mini version of the quad bikes. Talk about making your parents proud of the dare-devil in you (in safe surroundings, of course!) So after a crazy day out in the sun eating chendol, bao and 2.50 chicken rice, I now have a completely different impression of Ayer Keroh. It currently ranks way up there as one of my favourite (made in Malaysia) adventure places for sure! 

For more info on how to get lost in this adventure, click WHOA!


  • 550ml jar of faith says:

    Fwoargh!! I don’t know to react more violently to the ride or the RM2.50 chicken rice! What about the other place near the Zoo in KL for ATV/Quad… any good compared to this?

  • Champion says:

    Cool man! The buggy ride looks fun. Ayer Keroh….here I come.

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    i hvnt been to the other one but according 2cumi ths one is more CHEE KICK(exciting).
    The other one doesnt hv buggy.

    Don’t forget ur helmet;p

  • thenomadGourmand says:

    err…do u think they wil allow me on the kiddy one??

  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    OMG OMG I wanna try this! After that, must book massage, I’m sure, for shoulder pain, back pain, backside pain…. hooohoo!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    ROFL! sure can.. but common la.. surely you can take the adult one:P (we should organize a trip soon huh?)

    luscious! when u wanna go;) ass not so pain – got shock absorbers.. i felt it more on the shoulders – coz u get jerked around in the seat! damn shiok!

  • worldwindows says:

    Lost that adventurous streak with mechanical machines long-time ago. Prefer jet-ski. More sedentary! Now the food is something else!

  • Bangsar-bAbE says:

    I’ll have the cendol and bao thank-you-very-much! And MAYBEEE the children’s mini ride! Got kena blue black or not? =P

  • UnkaLeong says:

    Whoa! Come come let’s go soon. Any more publice holidays coming up r?

  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    Woo Hoo… one hell of a ride! Just my kind of fav activity. But I wish that Jenn is more adventurous and outdoor type 🙁
    The cendol.. is it the famous Cendol Bkt. China??? The one at the cemetery???

  • J2Kfm says:

    wait, i think Ho Chak also covered the same cendol and chicken rice yday! irony.

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    time to get up and shake that booty!

    no blue black.. got green purple?! joking..;) its actually pretty easy

    yes, let’s plan it;)

    just promise her it will be fun!

    i think i saw em there..?! ;P

  • Monte says:

    I have a big family.Saw your blog on the papers will check out whoa. thanks

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    Good for you. the family will love it!

  • Lynndon says:

    is the slope that steep! is it dangerous for a 6.5 year old

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    Hi and thanks for stopping by. There is an age restriction on the ATV but kids may ride with an adult on the buggy. It is not as dangerous as it looks because even in our group, a young boy of maybe 5 years was riding with his father! (if you click my Flckr photos you will see)
    Anyway for more information please contact WHOA( click on link) thanks

  • soul says:

    Hi Guy, can you share with me Buggy car contact number? and where exact place for this adventures buggy?

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