Schokolart @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

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Eventhough I prefer Godiva for their dark, creamy chocolates and truffles, I absolutely DIE for the chocolate artwork at Schokolart. They take creativity i.e. colors, shapes and flavours to new heights!

The handmade swiss chocolates are so mind-bogglingly delicate and beautiful in design that you don’t want to eat them.. you just want to stare at them and keep taking pictures.

That’s me, doing just that.

The ganache fillings I particularly like, as they are wonderful concoctions of flavours such as Wasabi-Raspberry, Earl-grey tea and even Sechuan Pepper! Unless you eat chocolates here everyday, it will take you an awful long time to get bored!

Block K-01-05,
Solaris Mt Kiara,
2 Jalan Solaris,
50480 KL
Tel: 03-6203 0968


  • Big Boys Oven says:

    we drop by there but it was closed! So sad 🙁

  • Selba says:

    They got wasabie and sechuan pepper fillings for chocolate? Wow… I wonder how it tasted!

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    im sure alot of guys r wondering whether to look at the chocolates or wonder wheres the close up on the short dress?? HAHAHAHA…

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    yea, i hate it when that happens! luckily it was opened that day when we were in the area:D

    well, not as intense as you would have thought, but it has the taste and pungent flavour of those spices for sure!

    JOE! those are black roxy surf shorts.. not a mini skirt la you! 😛

  • thule a.k.a leo says:

    lol.. ur black roxy shorts sure look foxy 🙂
    I’m a self-confessed chocoholic… I can even eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Still remember that when I was a teenager, I managed to telan a box of Coco Jelly, Cadbury in less than an hour… Whoops! That explain my plump size

  • backStreetGluttons says:

    Plse dun get down on your knees , not now Dear U R making us chocolohorny…
    and thats teasingly BAD

  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    The packaging’s very pretty. Can’t imagine them appealing to the male species tho. Your cumi likes or not?

  • Bangsar-bAbE says:

    The chocs look too pwetty to eat!! I’d probably feel sakit hati if I bite into them… =P

  • mimid3vils says:

    new camera?

  • Life for Beginners says:

    Wasabi raspberry? Very nice… Also love that shot of your eyes above the namecard in the second collage… I believe I’ve found the cover girl for a future book of mine! 😀

  • J2Kfm says:

    hahaha .. really down on one’s knees for a good shot eh?

    this place has received countless good reviews. Mont Kiara area really houses a lot of potential eateries eh?

  • Leonard Loh says:

    Joe: I have to agree with you… I was like…. who cares about the chocolate…

    Very nice pictures there dear.. good work

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    how did u fin a box of Coco Jelly, Cadbury in less than an hour.. that’s crazy man:P were u sick after?

    v farnee… i thot u didn’t like chocolat?

    no lar.. he finds em too sweet and frankly so do i.. had the cake and it was doughy and sickly sweet.. the choc-art is faultless but flavour wise, i still prefer Godiva coz im like the dark choc truffle queen.. can eat maybe 20 on my own in a day, no prob:P

    yea. i know what you mean.. so take LOADS of fotos before u eat em.. like i did 😉

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    haha.. u won’t believe how many hv asked.. but no, lent to me by a real sweetheart!

    sure or not? who ar. .the waitress at schokolart ah:P

    yup.. strengthens the knees i tell ya.. hahahaha

    why thank you leonard.. and thx for stopping by;)

  • 550ml jar of faith says:

    Haha you left your gorgeous lips on the plate? Couldn’t bear to leave the crumbs behind? Eh what camera did you decide on? Quick dying to know!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    the lips are chocolate too! good huh ?! i hvnt bought one yet! i wanna fix my sony.. this gal can't do w/o a tiny camera.. besides my husband bought it for me & thats what startd me bloggin.. back then, if it wasn't small, i wasn't taking it out to makan.. i tell ya! haha..

    having said that, i am really getting the hang of the lumix! dare i go larger?!(seilor..)lol

  • qwazymonkey says:

    OMG. Check out those legs at the counter spying on chocolates! They just go on and on forever!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    qwazay monkay:
    tis an optical illusion; kehkeh.. cumi took that shot.. gawd i luv my husband:P lol

  • genuiness says:

    errr… Godiva??? Are you being serious? They use cheap chocolate and sell them at rip-off prices – you would be better off eating a Cadbury bar or Ferrero Roche! Just go to the supermarket and buy some Valrhona chocolate and make your own chocolates… (seriously I am really anti-Godiva – they are the Starbucks of chocolate).

    p/s regarding the comment you left on my blog – I like to follow a blog for a while before I add them to my blogroll. Just being pedantic..

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    Wow! you sound like a true food and choc connaisseur. We were really impressed with your blog too 😀
    We love Valrhona! dats what we use in our Macaron baking class .. so smooth hor..;)

  • rainbow says:

    wow! looks very delicious!

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    that’s rite:D

  • Nic (KHKL) says:

    the chocolate musta melted really fast that day. cos you looked hawt!

    omg, another too-sweet-to-be-true from me! pass me the Chinese numbing pepper again (from your next post..hehe)

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    thank u nic! always the charmer 😛

  • genuiness says:

    I’m not necessarily an expert but I do eat out a lot. amazingly enough I don’t like eating chocolate all that much – its the other half who is crazy about chocolate.

    You are right! Valrhona is probably the best chocolate for cooking with (its flavour improve as you temper it) but not as good if you were to eat it on its own or make a sauce with it. For that, most chefs prefer either St. Etienne Weiss, Gianduja or Araguani chocolate. I personally prefer Etienne weiss as it has a more robuts flavour.

    p/s was browsing through some of your older blogs and some of your writing is truly hilarious

  • fatboybakes says:

    guffaw, oh dear, just saw a fellow commentor’s comment. godiva is the starbucks of chocolate? hahahahah… aiyo, really ah? but i like wor. (but i dont like starbucks)

  • CUMI & CIKI says:

    really.. i thot u couldn’t tell the difference:P

  • fatboybakes says:

    ciki, diff btwn what? godiva and starbucks? can la…one start with G and is hard, one start with S and is liquid wor.

  • thenomadGourmand says:

    ohh.. i missed this post!
    I wanna try their choco satay..wonder hws its like..

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