Restoran New Yew Sang @ Kelana Jaya, PJ

Restoran New Yew Sang at Kelana Jaya is a great place to get a fast, cheap meal. This place is actually rather famous for its steamed soups and individually steamed rice in chinese porcelain bowls with delicious “saucy” toppings of chicken, pork, chinese sausage, etc. (you name it.. ) placed on top of the rice and served at only approximately RM5. Not bad at all but we decided to try out what the other vendors were selling today.

Cumi had the Sarawak Laksa/Kolo Mee. The texture of the noodle was pretty decent. Not so thin that it could not imbibe the sauce. Not so thick that it felt overly starchy. Just right.. and the noodle maintained its springy nature throughout the meal. Overall, we found the Sarawak Mee here thoroughly satisfying – it had a light taste with a rich pork aroma. Delicious. Highly recommended.

New Yew Sang is also a place you can get Lui Char Fan (vegetarian). This is ‘thunder tea rice’ and aptly named so, because the amount of noise the lady makes whacking, chopping, cutting leaves, nuts etc. etc. is truly ‘thunderous’. We did not try this so we do not know how good it is, but the lady’s shop is plastered with news paper cuttings on, well.. erm.. herself and her thunder tea rice ;P
Me being my usual ravenous self, also had the curry laksa and SHARED another Fried Mee Jawa with Cumi.
The curry laksa was lousy. Don’t eat this.
The Fried Mee Jawa was scrumptious, plus the egg that came with it was huge! I fought for the YOLK… & won! (evil grin)

This place is located behind Giant supermarket in Kelana Jaya. Happy hunting!

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Restoran New Yew Sang Seafood,
18, Jalan ss6/8,
Kelana Jaya

Kolo Mee:7/10
Fried Mee Jawa:7/10
Curry Laksa:3/10
MSG levels:moderate
Salt levels:moderate


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