Fogal Meat Market @ Plaza Damas, Hartamas KL





WHY oh WHY is the fat on my bacon still WHITE??? The girl grumbles, pouts and starts to fidget in her seat…
Fix it QUICK!
Ah.. much better… Burn that WHITE.. brown that FAT !
Good job these people understand the meaning of the word RARE.

Unfortunately the girl’s steak lacked the ‘aroma-of-cow’ (i.e. no bovine meaty taste/succulance)… and felt like it had been BANISHED to the DEEP FREEZE for way to long…


She also likes her ice-cream round and hard, not a wishy-washy, dismal, vanilla heap next to her apple crumble.
At least they got the dessert right.

Place : Fogal Meat Market Plaza Damas
Food : Jatuh standard already la… so, 4/10
Service : felt like i was in college… talk about loadsa teeny boppers..
Price: RM60 for that tasteless T-bone.. not impressed

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