Taman bukit Maluri Pan Mee @ Jalan Burung Bebarau

My other favourite place for Pan Mee is… Taman Bukit Maluri !
Here you see all the night action starting from 7pm onwards.. and some of these places have HUGE, proud posters stating that they close shop at 3am and beyond. Which means, every hungry “Night-crawler” is guaranteed of a warm belly should they go a wondering… into the wee hours of the morn…
My mate ate his usual.. the “hand-torn” (“meet” in cantonese) dry pan mee noodles…
whilst I had the normal noodle in soup…
The best thing about the pan mee here is that the ikan bilis is crunchy and huge ( and stays that way through-out the dinner, even when thoroughly DUNKED in hot soup),
and the chilli’s soooooo HOT , that it has you sweating down CRACKS you didn’t know existed… hahaha.. (better lather up on the deodorant.. :P)

As usual ,we over-ate.. so we decided to do some romantic strolling around Taman bukit Maluri..

(wah.. cheap-date.. :P)

Instead of working off the meal, we were tempted by more goodies… and ended up buying the “ang-ku” and the coconut pudding…

Then we came across more “bao” … so being the late night soccer fans that we are, we decided to pick up summore snacks for the late night show.

Talk about no self control.

Oh.. and we also tapau-ed DIMSUM as well.
We never quit when we are on a roll.
Finally, we saw this really cute and friendly sign which to us read – don’t worry, if you cannot stand after your meal, we provide transport home.

Can you see why we love Taman bukit Maluri:):)

General location : Jalan Burung Bebarau, Taman Bukit Maluri (incidentally, all the roads around this area are named after birds.. )
Price : RM3.50 small pan mee, RM4.00 large
MSG levels : moderate


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