Batu 30 Bakuteh @ Rawang, en route Batang Kali

BATU 30 Bakuteh! Music to my ears.. and manna to my stomach! lol.
The general direction : Coming from Rawang… you will hit Batu 30 (en route Batang Kali)
When you catch sight of this “Bengkel Mengecat Wong Fatt”…. go SLOW…
A-hah! There it is … i see it!
The thing that strikes me most about this place is that though it looks so rural and ‘village-y’ and all, but there is nothing backward or rural about their hygiene whatsoever! I mean, just look at the industrial sized pot they use for boiling water… they wash everything.. and I mean EVERYTHING with this boiling water. No bowl, chopstick, saucer or germ (eek!) is spared! Impressive huh?

The owner is a real character… when he is not hacking up the “BAK” (in bakuteh), he collects dainty lil teapots and teacups..

It’s his hobby.

Wow. That kills me. (it’s kinda like the butcher who collects stamps.. you know?!… how cute is dat;P)

Anyway, the gist of it is, apart fm teapots, teacups and thingamabobs… the guy cooks a truly mean bakuteh… (“so say all of us.. so say all of us…!” dum dee dum…)

I love the bakuteh, i do.

But what i CRAVE and just DIE for, is the “cheong” (intestine). Yup, feed me pig intestine soup and then send me packing.. that’s all i want when i am here… and that’s all i’ll miss when i am gone!

Pig intestine pepper ‘blow-your-mind‘ soup :8/10 ( i like!!!)
Service: very very good… he (the chef) cooks and serves and chats and all…
Price: low.. oh so low… ;D


  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    you got me psyched up blogging about BKT!!!

  • team bsg says:

    for a moment we thought you were us but no can’t be !

    wow fierce longish appetite alright ! all in the rough …must be authentic from the looks of it but small teapots ? how can we miss this one ?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey I know this place. Famous stop-over for lorry & heavy duty truck drivers. You must try the braised pork (low-choo-yoke)… macham melts in the mouth type. Also his vege dish with osyter sauce – very crispy!

  • sweetpea says:

    This must be the Batang Kali shack gamblers said to fill up your stomache before going up to Genting. Cheap & plentiful! Must look out for it.

  • jason says:

    Wah, went all the way north for a special BKT? *bow bow*

  • Precious Pea says:

    This place sounded really far leh..but for a good bowl of bkt, i guess it’s worth the traveling time hor?

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