Poh Piah Lwee @ Jongker Street , Melaka


This is (one part of) Jongker Street…

And this is where I met Madam Lwee… DSC05589

She proudly saunters over and tells me, “That’s ME..!” in the photo.. and that their popiah, laksa business has been going strong for the past 13 years…
DSC05591 DSC05593

DSC05601 DSC05595

Their secret?? … Herein lies the brilliance of this dish… HUGE, huge chunks of “chee-yau char” (deep fried pork fat), inserted into the heart of the popiah..

biting into one has me quaking at the knees… man.. talk about Don’t-Mess-with-Me popiah.. damn shiok!
The nonya laksa is good too. Served in small stainless steal bowls, they are like lil power packed mouthfuls of, what can only be described as “knock your socks off” flavour…
Mmmmm, mdm lwee… your bowls are TOO SMALL la…!
DSC05603Be sure u arrive on the right day. Or else NO LAKSA !
Price: Cheap
Service: personal touch from Mdm Lwee.. wot more can u ask for.. ?
MSG levels : low

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