Restoran Tien Pin @ SS2 – My Magician Chef Friend

Welcome to Tien Pin ! Below you will see the animated photos of the energetic owner of this “Char Chan Teng” concept restaurant. Some recognize him as the national coach of the Malaysian squash team 1984 – 1987. Some know him as the man behind the “Only One” racquet House. I know him as chef and friend.. Michael Tang :):)
Tien Pin is approx. 3 months old, the newest in a string of restaurants .. the most famous being the TANG house of fishball in Sea Park, Subang, Sunwaymas as well as Damansara Utama.
Here is Michael telling us about how he’s traveled half way round China to perfect the formula for his restaurant’s fish ball as well as other tasty delights that are the signature dishes of this restaurant.
Watching Michael, the time really flies! He soooo funny ! Don’t get him started on the magic tricks because he’ll never stop! haha

Anyway.. here it is … The fish ball soup! tres tres Yum! … springy yet soft… As this place is non-halal.. the soup is thoroughly sweet… we LIKE!

One of the great selling points of this chain of restaurants is that the food contains NO MSG whatsoever.


The Pork Noodles are to die for… ask for extra chee-yau-char(pork lard) .. it will knock your socks of… Totally beyond!


Just when you think that they’ve pulled out all the stops.. enter the Foo Chuk! At this point, I don’t really have too much to say..will you look at the crispy, wispy, crumbly, foo chuk skin… is it not magnificent? Well just put it in your mouth and see… it will make a believer out of the darkest, hardest most calloused soul … lol ;P

Here is my favourite dish! A TWIST on the Char Kwey Teow… gives you … Char Chee-Cheong Fun! Tastes simply divine 🙂
So.. where does this restaurant screw up? Hmm… actually, it doesn’t! Even the tong-sui is boiled individually for many hours, concentrated in flavour and goodness, yet not too sweet at all..

We love this place, we do!

Food : 7/10
MSG level: nil
service : 7/10
Price : low end

Address : No.19, Jalan SS2/30, PJ (Shop-lot behind Sri Siam/or Eng Seng Heng Electronics, on way to Sea Park)


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