WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Center

This place is massive! Where do we start…

After taking one look at the crowded inside of WIP, we decided to take a table outside.

9pm on a Sunday and this place is thriving. Maybe it’s because it’s fairly new.. maybe because the owners of WIP are also the owners of Soul-out.. and thus have a reputation of having the midas touch.. whatever it is, the proof of the pudding is in the eating .. so… less talk.. let’s eat !

Our friendly waitress … soooo adorable! this place is already starting to take on a HIGH CLASS soul-out feel… hmmm… its makes the anticipation of good food all the more ACUTE. Bring it on 🙂

The Sang Har mien, priced at RM33 … i couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in it! It looked really really good!

2 mouthfuls later…. hmmmm…


… what can i say…. I was pretty disappointed 🙁
it tasted BLAND and the prawns were over-cooked and soft as mush.

At RM33? Man, i was not impressed…

Things didn’t improve as the night progressed… The pizza was so-so and nothing to rave about. Not enough fresh tomato base. Totally average.

Finally we looked to the ice kacang to redeem the night. No such luck… It was like eating iced syrup at best.. and lacked that round, rich, creamy condense milk texture that i crave in any decent ice kacang.

Oh well, been there, done that… not likely to buy the Tshirt ;P

Service : good
MSG levels : nil

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