Kedai Makanan Laut Lau Heong @ Sentul, KL

We recently had Chinese in this hidden place in Sentul! Ok, so maybe its not so hidden but if you are as bad with directions as moi.. HAVE NO FEAR! help is here! haha…
Here’s the map for Makanan Laut Lau Heong Sentul!


This place is situated opposite some flats and is so packed, it’s usually spilling out onto the streets..

DSC04679 DSC04677

Wow… we had to wait to get a seat!

DSC04683 DSC04681
The guy who took our order was really animated and funny.. i just had to take his foto !!

OK, so here is …. THE FART MONSTER! This is not my favourite dish .. for obvious reasons… you eat it.. and it will PONG for days!!! eeek! Your colleagues will KILL you for pee-ing and stinking up the LOO. However, i must admit that they did this

“Petai-Hay-bee” dish rather well…
( i had one small taste.. dats it..:P)


Ah.. on to milder things.. the Vege !


Delicious Banana leaf sotong and prawn…


Steaming hot claypot curry fish head…


and finally … the highlight of the evening… the FRIED CHICKEN WINGS! Apparently people travel FAR and WIDE to eat these wings…

Me, i found it a lil hard, and with too much seasoning.. as a result, i couldn’t taste the chicken.. just seasoning! I am told it is Nam-Yee seasoning, that’s why its strong tasting.. not my fav, but still rather good. (However, if you wanna eat really good fried chicken , my blog on “SUBANG 2.30PM FRIED CHICKEN .. will be coming soon…. look out for it!)


All in all the meal cost us RM80. not bad rite?

Food : 6/10

Service : aiiyo so slow… many, many ppl

Price : Cheap

MSG levels : high

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  • Bryan Lee says:

    the ”nam yee” fried chicken at this sentul restauarnt is one of the bets i have ever eaten. also try the steamed stinray with black bean sauce the next time.

    try to hunt for thi chicken rice stall in klang town, it is by the roadside and only opnes in the moring. by 10ish (am), they are closed. no fuss and frills, just home cooked style with lots of sprong onion and ginger served in mismatched bowls and spoons that have those chinese ping pong players

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