Home-made Fish Head Noodles @ Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

This place is so GREEN! You cannot miss it.

Fish head noodles is the LEAST of my fav things to eat.. because it is just so much bloody effort… Every encounter has me concentrating so hard on not choking, that I leave feeling exhausted and totally stressed out. I mean why can’t they just take all the bones out of the fish.. or better yet .. use BONELESS fish? Makes sense right? (incidentally the best place for boneless fish head noodle which is tres tres yum is in KK, Sabah.. it use to be called the BUKIT PADANG one.. then moved to Beverly.. it’s amazing… go try… )

Hmmmm… anyway, the bowl looks…

… HARMLESS enough.., right?




NOT ! …. See the bones ?!!

Actually if not for the bones, the Fish head noodles was decent. The soup was thick and sweet. The chili/belacan sauce was spicy and pungent…
However, there was not enough “ham-choy” in the soup to give it that extra kick.

All for a resounding RM7.50 per bowl. My colleagues reckon it’s a pretty big bowl, so.. value for money. If you like fish head noodles and ‘wrestling’ with your meal is ‘your thing’, then this is the place for you.. haha 😛

Food : 5/10
MSG levels : nil
Price : average
Service : 7/10
Place : Kota Damansara, near starbucks

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