Mezza Notte @ Jalan Doraisamy, Asian Heritage Row

When you walk into Mezza Notte… the first word that comes to mind is OPULENT. Gilded dining rooms, garish lighting and loud colours assault the senses. If I didn’t know better, i would say it was bordering on gaudy.

Nevertheless.. we’ve heard good, good things… about Mezza Notte, so we were looking forward to our supper.

Let’s see… for a supposedly chi-chi italian restaurant.. the bread was pretty average. Nothing to shout about in taste.. so I have nothing to say about that..

The grilled lamb with mushrooms was TOUGH like you would not BELIEVE… How do i look even remotely LADY-LIKE eating this thing… I felt ABOUT as sexy and lady-like as SPARTACUS taking a lion by the teeth and wrestling it to the ground.
Not good.

Not sexy.

The baked lobster was MINISCULE … not bad if you are Lara Flynn Boyle… or on a diet… (or Lara Flynn Boyle on a diet :P) but definitely not enough to QUELL the rage in your average strapping bloke’s stomach… i tell ya…

Finally… enter PASTA.

The CRAB pasta was soggy and limp… The crab looked like it had been BATTERED TO DEATH ( PUN INTENDED!!! hahaha ) … The person who ordered this meal was so distraught he tried to breathe some life back into his dying meal…

.. to no avail !

The meal was a disaster.

We had to cheer ourselves up by partying the night away at the MANSION… and that, we did, … see?!!

Food : 2/10
MSG levels : low
Price : high
Party : 20/10 !!!

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