House of Mirrors, Thean Chun – Ipoh Sar Hor Fun

Traffic in Ipoh is crazeee! Everything is ONE way, and everyone drives really really SLOW.

Haiyo… how am I ever going to get to my favourite Sar Hor Fun shop… huh?

My shop! Yay! I see it !
Outa my way…

Plump chicken hanging at the window, and uncle is already hard at work !

Welcome to the House of Mirrors.. Thean Chun. It is located on Jln Bandar Timah, Old Town.
It is totally famous and rightly so.

The food here is truly great. I cannot get enough. My family members have to literally pry me off my stool when it’s time to go. (Sometimes I fall off , like a satiated Possum.. On those occasions, they just scoop me off the floor and into the car;P)

Where do you start when there are so many good things to eat here?
Well, just start at the top, and work your way down. It works for me!

Here is the Popiah. It is huge. Not like the KL ones which are mostly SKIN.. The popiah served in Thean Chun is fat with stuffing and insanely crunchy – the skin is really thin and soft too, so u know you aren’t getting conned… (with skin that is)

You can’t even fit it all into your mouth in one go.. really! You absolutely CANNOT !!
(show me if you can! send me the photo!)

And since the Sar Hor Fun takes a really long time to come, during peak hour.. you get to pass the time by eating/counting satay…

mmmYUMMIE! I love organ-ic food ;P (forgive… forgive.. hahaha)

Finally, the Sar Hor Fun gets served and it’s everything you ever imagined/dreamed of/fantasized about, in a bowl of Hor Fun.. swoon… lol… AMPLE, HOT, FLESHY, SEXY, MYSTERIOUS.. SLICK (ok ok.. maybe oily is a better word)… and really SWEET on the palate!


Also, don’t forget the extremely crunchy Ngar Choy

And a trip to The House of Mirrors would not be worthwhile, without the grand finale – a taste of the Soft and Luscious Caramel Custard !

Smooth as silk.. I tell ya….. Soft, floaty and dreamy.. yet it has that kick!
( Reminds me of that Mohd Ali song… “It floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!” :P)

What can I say… ?

I really love eating at this place… All the good stuff under one roof…

That’s all I came for.

And that’s all I’ll miss when I am back in KL.

Food : 8/10
Service : Be prepared to wait
MSG levels : moderate
Price : Cheap

Next change… Supper for Champions.. Chi-chap-chook (literally translates to Pig’s Innards Porridge)


  • michelle B says:

    I know this place! I use to think it was way cool when they had the OLD mirrors… the ones with the wood frame and all… the food is still rockin! keep up da good blog!

  • mike d mechanic says:

    the old man who use to sell the satay was such a funny fellow. Too bad he’s retired. He use to make such a racket when u didnt eat his satay! His voice could be heard 2 blocks away!

  • Ah Weng Chye says:

    I also miss the old man – great PR fella!

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