The On-line Pub and Burt Lancaster…

The minute I walked into the on-line pub….

and saw that lonesome train, on that lonesome track..

and that single, solitary table…

… I knew I was home. It was love at first sight:)

This place has been around a long, long time… not swanky.. not chic.. but it has that magic that makes you wanna stay and stay, and tarry awhile longer…

For a split second, I thought I would see cowboys with their horses bucking and guns ablazing


Incidentally, I digress for a minute… speaking of guns ablazing.. my favspaghetti western of all time just has to be, Gunfight at the O.K.Corral… ( I just watched it last week, again, for the 12th time).I never get bored.

I mean like .. WHO does not love Burt Lancaster.. ? Yea, Kirk Douglas is cool too but a far second (in my books anyway).

Look at him… so bloody brooding and sexy right? How come actors do not look like that anymore now a days huh???
Anyway, Marshall Wyatt Earp and Dr. John “Doc” Holiday are just the coolest and my favourite heroic characters of a bygone era…
If I was born in the 20’s I would marry Burt Lancaster.. i would.. sigh…

ok… end of digression (and daydream) … :):)

Anyway… I didn’t see any cowboys at the on-line pub that night…

bar at on-line pub

But what i did see, was many friendly faces, and a really laid-back and warm, relaxed atmosphere which made the place feel different from your regular pubs in PJ and KL..

This is refreshing as some places around town can be just so impersonal now a days… its all about clearing tables and selling more beer… mmm… not cool!

Soon we got pretty hungry and decided to order some food.





Let me just say… the menu looked promising…

But the food…

Was bloody awesome!

It is totally non-halal and as porky as they come… so brace yourselves for a carbo and lipid overload !

The luncheon meat was superb… fried to perfection and complemented with chili sauce. It was crispy (but not hard) and to die for…

hokkien mee

The Hokkien Mee can be ordered regular or with extra “chee yau char” (pork lard/fat … whatever you want to call it.. )

We went with the extra lard, of course, coz we are self-destructive that way.. haha 😛

wild boar curry

and we also had the wild boar curry (really, i hardly ever eat this, but have done so twice in the past 3 days.. it must be a sign.. but I am not sure what… )

The curry goes with toast and is out of this world…

And finally, the dish that sends goose bumps down my spine and reminds me of sitting in grandma’s kitchen, eating grandma’s cooking (sob.. brings a tear to my eye :P)

The corned beef ! Fried with cabbage! Gawd.. it’s like i died and went to heaven…

If this is not wow-ing enough for you.. they also do corned mutton! How crazy is that??!

Totally mad! Fantastic!

By the end of the meal, we were left in a not unsimilar state to that of post-coital bliss…

Fully satiated, we were serenaded by the soulful sound, of a solitary voice, on a solitary guitar…

Yes, the last lonesome train, on that lonesome track.. is just about ready to leave town…

Food :8/10
Price : totally affordable
Service : like on Cheers.. where everybody knows your name:)
MSG levels : nil

Online Pub
32, SS20/10 DamansaraKim


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