Thank you Tan Sri Lim…

Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of the Genting Group and one of the world’s richest men, died this year 2007. He was 90.

“DREAM HILL: A stroll at Cameron Highlands in 1964 led Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong to this hill –Genting. In 1965 work commenced and in 1971 Genting Highlands started operations.

STARTING POINT: In 1965, work on the access road started at Batu 20 of the old Bentong Road. The arch with the signboard reads `Proposed project 12,000 acres of land 5,000ft above sea level.’

and in 1998 the access road was widened to four lanes for a more comfortable and safe journey to the resort. “ – Quoted from My Dream as narrated by Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong…

Wow.. ! What a man.

Today we have the amazing GENTING SKYWAY which is the cable car… and,

FUN LAND: The Outdoor Theme Park with the boating lake and joyrides … Also, The Arena of Stars where we’ve seen many international shows etc…

And the busy Pit Stop, GOH TONG JAYA, where we can pause to fill our stomachs .. do some sundry shopping…

And finally… the infamous… KACHING(2X) Casino.. !

Tan Sri Lim was a hardworking entrepreneur, a philanthropist…. An icon…

He contributed greatly to Malaysia’s economic development and his death is a loss not only to the nation but also to the business and entrepreneurial community in Malaysia.

We thank you for teaching us about what it is, when we say, “an honest day’s work” and you are deeply missed by us all.

What a man.

On Christmas day, we were in the Genting area, and decided to check out Goh Tong Jaya for lunch…

As you can see, there are no shortage of restaurants to eat at..

Not only that, being a holiday and all it was insanely packed..

wallau.. summore mostly Singaporean no. plates… seems like we are always fighting for everything, water.. car park.. etc etc…

Anyway, coming back to the restaurants…

One word of caution, if you don’t know where to eat, you can really get ripped off.

Some of these unscrupulous owners can charge up to DOUBLE the price for some simple TaiChow(Chinese style stir fry) meal…

I guess they think we are all Singaporeans or foreigners or are just plain dumb… duh?

Anyway, not all the restaurants are unscrupulous.. a few are actually ok.. ( When I say OK, I mean close to KL price.. or a little bit more.. as things are not cheap on this dream hill!)

Here is one of those restaurants, that charges reasonable prices for their food.

Qui Lin.

While you wait for your food, all sorts of vendors will come and try to sell you stuff and snacks.. such as dried sotong.. keropok

roasted chestnuts…

pretty yummie and if you are feeling generous then you can buy some from the vendors.

However, stay away from the “jungle honey lime” drink (or something jungley sounding like that…) . It’s sold in a bottle (750ml), and the asking price is like RM90 or something! Apparently it cures everything…

(erm.. does it cure heart pain caused by an idiotic purchase..)

Anyway, the steamed fish in gravy is great… Fresh! not Fishy!

I know, I know… someone once asked me “why you eat fish, when you wanna eat unfishy-fish.. ? Might as well eat chicken la then.. “

Its complicated.. I don’t like fishy fish.. beefy beef… or ducky duck… how to explain… ? 😛

the TEEN CHUT is really out of this world… apparently good for lowering cholesterol…

Can I just ask anyone who knows what this “TEEN CHUT” is in ENGLISH, to comment, because I have been trying to find out, and no one bloody knows.

It taste like “fan shee yip” the other vege… ? Slimy and sticky and all but yummie🙂

And introducing my favourite dish… Deep fried pork belly…! (she says… looking down at her pot belly)…

but who cares… coz it’s tres tres scrumplicious.. ( and I love my pot belly.. i do!!!)

and the wild boar curry… soft and succulent and NOT SMELLY! (un-boarish boar… ! do u see what I am getting at??!)

Oh and because I was worried I was eating something unusual, I checked… and wild boar is not on the earth’s endangered species list..(look under worldwide or asia list)

So.. ok la… we didn’t do anything mean on Christmas .. lucky .. or else 10 years of blogging bad luck… no joke.

and then some very crunchy crispy fried squid…

and more crunchy, crispy, fried veges… straight out of Genting’s hydroponic farm… !

The whole meal set us back RM127. 00

Like i said.. not cheap, but an OK price… for genting.

Considering that some of the shops could charge you up to RM200.00 (because, they reason, “that is like less than SD$100.00 wat … cheap liao… !”)

Food : 6/10
Price : reasonable
MSG levels : moderate
Service : Must wait on public holidays and peak hours
Cleanliness :7/10


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