Cute Breakfast… not a whole loada taste… Biba’s Mandarin Oriental KL

We had a “morning breakfast symposium” at the KL convention centre on Sunday…

That is just another fancy name for “working like suckers on a weekend”…. ;P

Anyway, the meeting started at 7.30am and ended by 8.30am and so like most regular Malaysians we were famished and grouchy… and looking to pacify our growling stomachs…

No roti canai stall in sight…

Dim sum place in Mandarin Oriental was still closed…

KLCC was closed…


Closest thing to breakfast was Biba’s Cafe at the Mandarin…Holy smokes.. it was packed! at 8.30am… on a sunday

wow.. don’t these ppl believe in a lie in on the Sabbath??!

Anyway, since the buffet was insanely huge, and we just wanted a nibble, my colleagues and I decided on the ala carte… American breakfast…

My marketing manager decided on the fry up (original) no frills.. rather unadventurous..

My other sales manager had the pancakes….

ooo…. pancakes with maple syrup… !! Carbo overload !!

Just look at it… so cute, colourful, dainty and all….

He almost couldn’t bring himself to eat it, coz it looked so cute… :):)

And finally….

My Eggs Benedict… !

Wow… how do they do that???

Isn’t it just so amazing how the egg stands all round and perky and tout and all… but its all soft and runny on the inside..?

I loooove the Benedict… ! its just so.. womanly.. you think? (oo-er)


Ok.. so the verdict???

Well, we have to give Biba’s Cafe high marks for presentation…
Food that looks so good, u wanna take it home .. not eat it…

However, as far as the taste goes, the breakfast was not really all that fantastic.
The eggs tasted flat and if not for the maple syrup, the pancake batter was heavy and dull.

Sigh… maybe we should have tried the Malaysian Menu instead eh…?

Food : 4/10
service : 7/10
Price : moderate
MSG level : low

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