Just the other day, I had this conversation with a friend. Apparently my friend has a friend who is a Paediatrician.

The Paeds told her that, ” you know hor … now a days ah .. kids are like getting damn obese… not like last time…” .

My friend was like, “huh? Like how do kids get damn obese la.. “.

The Paeds was like .. ” U know hor… they eat maggie mee… snacks.. fast food… etc etc… “.

My friend was like ” Maggie Mee?? Like how many calories is that la… ” (thinking to herself like .. common… maggie mee.. ?!! Malaysian’s staple fill in snack/diet ..?)

“400 calories.”

(my friend looks stupefied )

Anyway… this blog is about a wonderful, powerful, killer yummie freeze dried meal in a packet..



HAR MEE!!! … by Ibumie

The latest prawn mee is killer sensational!!!

None of that faux nutritious, good for the heart advertising…

You know its not nutritious. Its not good for the heart.

But its bloody tasty!

IT has like FIVE packets of stuff for you to add to the noodle soup stock.. vs. the maggie mee’s ONE! 5X more un-nutritious.. but 5X more yummie !

Ibumee Har Mee is like .. beyond…

Go try it and tell me it ain’t so…

Nutritious value : 0
Vitamins : 0
Minerals : 0
MSG level : sky high
Taste : beyond .. !

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