10 Things to do in TOKYO!

Leaving Mt Fuji with a heavy heart, we departed from Kawaguchiko Station,  by bus to Shinjuku bus terminal in Tokyo, arriving a day before the Tokyo Marathon.  This journey was around 2.5 hours long, and costs us ¥3500 for two. Ah Tokyo. Finally we had arrived! From shanty yakitori bars, neon lit kinky girly bars […]

10 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is my buddy Sarah, who hails from the UK. This post is about her amazing journey through Sri Lanka, and her tips on what to look out for, if you ever travel to that country. Too oft overlooked for its neighbouring cousin, India, Sri Lanka is a country with much […]

10 Things to Do in Italy

My buddy Sarah, just got back from her vacation in Italy. She had loads to tell.. Luckily I managed to get this post out of her.. Here are her Top Ten Things to do in Italy! We’ve all seen those pictures of gorgeous vineyards and impossibly beautiful churches, we’ve all heard how delicious the food/coffee/gelato […]

Top 10 Tips for Independent Travelers going into Myanmar during the Hot Season

Here are some pratical tips on what to expect when travelling to Myanmar during the hot period.. OK, so you no doubt know that Myanmar has been a troubled land for so long, that is until the National League for Democracy’s sweeping win of the 2012 by-elections, put Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and several […]

10 Things to do in The Summer in Canada

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS), is my buddy Leigh McAdam, from HikeBikeTravel, with her travel tip on 10 Things to do in The Summer in Canada.. Summer is the one of the best times to visit Canada. Enjoy long days with fifteen plus hours of daylight, lots of sunshine, warm – even hot temperatures, […]

Of Uncles, Aunties and Hotties

Today’s Travel Tip is on Barcelona, and comes from my buddy Sue, who is Malaysian but has lived in Barcelona for the longest time. Practically a local, she writes on the best time of year in Barcelona, spring that turns into summer..   Bikini season beckons in Barcelona, Spain. Well…Barceloneta actually, which is just a […]

Top 10 Must-try Edibles in the Philippines!

Today’s Travel Tip is on Street Food in the Philippines, and comes from my buddy Ciara, who lives in Manila. She is a proud Pinay with guts of steel and is a vicarious traveler. Here she is with her Top 10 Must-try Edibles in the Philippines!   Filipinos are fond of a lot of things. […]

10 easy tips to making a good video

Here’s today’s Blogger in the Spotlight, JD Andrews, with his terrific tips on video making. Making a good video is harder than some people think. You may put up a video.. but it doesn’t mean that everyone might want to watch it. By just following the 10 practical steps below, you may just be on […]

Volunteering in Kuala Lumpur

Today’s guestpost is by V. Brewood and she talks about a subject close to her heart, volunteering while backpacking around the world. Moving around constantly when you’re backpacking can be fun, but sometimes it’s nice to slow down a bit, unpack your bag and put down some roots. Using the spare time you have to […]

5 Tasty Food Photography Tips When Traveling Abroad

This weeks Travel Tip comes from a pal of mine, Sarah, who lives in New York. She is a really cool designer and her work can be seen at the famous Amusement park Disney in the US of A. Without futher ado, here she is with her tips on Food Photography and Travel. 5 Tips […]

Travel to Live as Many lives as humanly possible

Today’s Guest writer and Travel Tip is from a dear, old friend.. form the KL social scene known simply as just, “The Movement days”. Those of you who are as old as us, will know what I am talking about. Say no more.. because we can’t. Not here on the blog anyway;) It is with […]

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