Miki Ipoh Beansprout Chicken Rice @ Taman Midah KL

What so special about Ipoh Beansprout Chicken anyway.. ? The thing that caught our eye, was the smooth, white chicken, hanging at the front of the shop. It kind of gleamed when it caught the noon-day sun, and we knew from the growl in our bellies, that we needed to eat soon, so we quickly […]

Hokkien Mee @ Restoran Two One Two, Taman Midah Cheras

Two weeks abroad and one massive hankering for Hokkien Mee.. One of the great things about being away, is coming back to some good old fashioned Chinese hawker food. Doesn’t absence just make the heart (and stomach) grow fonder? And one of the great things about getting home on the weekend means loads of time […]

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