Welcoming the Year of the Horse, 2014 @ Tai Zi Heen

Ah… the Year of the Horse.. apparently those who don’t act fast in this year will get left behind, so I am told. And as we gallop into the Wood Horse year, I am told that one should expect the unexpected adventure & exciting travels to distant lands.. Events move so quickly in a Horse […]

Dim Sum Overdrive at Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel KL

Once upon a time, dim sum restaurant sessions were all about tea appreciation, and the snacks were a by-the-way supplement, to complement the tea. Now a days, these tiny baskets of delicate dumplings and fluffy boas are the main reason for restaurants being packed to over-flowing and waiters scurrying around to meet the demand. And […]

GAB puts a Spin on Food and Beer Pairing at Oktoberfest

GAB puts a spin on food and Beer Pairing, at Oktoberfest, at Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur.. Malaysians have been drinking beer with everything, since the dawn of time. But few might have drunk beer as part of Chinese fine dining, or at a deliberate beer food pairing event. The mix of food […]

Tai Zi Heen

There’s a reason why the monkeys are nursing two burgeoning stomachs. Just this past week, Cumi & Ciki were invited to partake in the Standard Chartered Extravagant 8 Menu, an event organized by Standard Chartered for all its Credit Card Members. You see, Standard Chartered credit card holders will have a year they won’t soon […]

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