Sunday Brunch @ Rendez-Vous

Brunch is something I look forward to on weekends, like how a devout Catholic looks forward to Sunday Mass. I mean, saying I like brunch a whole lot, would be an understatement. And did you know that in many cities around the globe, brunch is a bit of an institution? Yup. Weekends are precious and […]

The Bigger, Better and Bubblier Sparkalite ‘4Cs’ Sunday Brunch @ InterContinental KL !

Do you remember back in the day when he first proposed? Or when he took you shopping for the perfect engagement ring? Well, that was really my first encounter with the 4C’s. You see, diamonds are all about the 4C’s.. i.e. colour, clarity, cut and carat. Happiness defined by Singaporeans is also found in the 4C’s […]

Sunday Brunch at Maison Francaise

Sunday brunch at Maison Francaise, is like serving Sunday on a plate! Yes.. Sunday on a plate, plus the fact that an extended Sunday brunch is hands down, my favorite meal of the week. The most fun being either a group of famished girlfriends or a group of ravenous family members. Whatever the crowd you’re […]

Sunday Roast Sessions @ Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar

Sundays just got better, with Amadeus Bistro & Wine Bar’s latest Sunday Roast Sessions! If you didn’t already figure it out, Amadeus the restaurant, is named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the prolific and influential composer of the Classical era. Mozart showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood, and in line with fine food and great […]

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