10 Ways to fill your belly, on a Subang Jaya Food Trail

So every weekend, it’s customary to go find some place new (to us anyway), to go for good food. A foodie trail if you like. And since Subang Jaya is so foreign to me, Cumi decided we would go there, on a food hunt. We found at least 10 tasty dishes we liked, on this […]

The Hungry Hog

Over the weekend, we traipsed down to Subang Jaya to seek out this cosy little joint for affordable, pork burgers. Long before the Hungry Hog became a cafe, Cumi used to tell me about this website that did online catering, specializing in well, pig. The Hungry Hog website did non-halal catering for small parties and […]

Food Porn – Haikara Style Bakery

You really feel like you are dining in an authentic, fashionable, ‘high-collar’ Japanese environment when you look around and see the pretty, meticulously neat Japanese lady who manages the place. She and her husband do a great job running this cosy little cafe on the corner of the E-tiara Service Apartments in Subang Jaya. For […]

Mr. Mak’s Fish Head

When we read on Pureglutton about her losing and finding her favourite Fish Head Noodles, we heaved a big sigh.. Sighhhhh. When were we going to be as lucky as Ms. Pureglutton and find our Lost Sweet and Sour Pork Man, we wondered. If only the stars look upon us as favorably and reveal the […]

Good ol’ Happy Days Diner @ Taipan, Subang Jaya

Friday night.. and we were headed to Taipan in a limo, for the launch of Good ol’ Happy Days diner, thanks to Marian! It was really nice of her to arrange for us to be picked up as Fridays are notorious for massive jams and heading out to Subang Jaya is no small task at […]

Shun Japanese Restaurant @ Subang Jaya, PJ

Shun Subang Jaya prides itself on its sets, and special lunch offers. We read about this place on Masak-masak’s site, a while back .. but did not get a chance to swing by till now. Where else can you get a Wagyu set lunch for RM43.00? It really blows the mind when you see the […]

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery @ Subang Jaya

When we saw this sitting on the counter, we just had to take a closer look. It’s Japanese green tea bread! (RM8.80) If you want to buy excellent, fluffy, hot out-of-the-oven green tea bread + sweet bean, Haikara-Style Bakery is just the place to get it! Although on the expensive side for bread, it is […]

Coca Subang Parade @ Subang Jaya

COCA started in 1957 as a humble 20 seater Cantonese Restaurant. Founded by a Thai couple, the restaurant gained success when they moved to a nearby location on Soi Tantawan, were it expanded to a 150 seater restaurant and suki style cooking was introduced. Hence the birth of the first COCA restaurant in Thailand. The […]

Ho Kien Pan Mee, Restoran Lian Heng @ Subang Jaya

You know it’s going to be a long wait, when they give you a card, with a number on it. After visiting a friend who recently completed a heart bypass in SJMC, we decided to eat at one of our favourite Pan-Mee shops in the area. Meehoon Kway! Our favourite sort of pan-mee.. where the […]

Lisa Spaghetti @ Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya

Lisa Spaghetti! We heard good, good things about this place, from KY speaks (cheers KY;))… so we decided to check it out… With prices starting as low as RM4.99 for the spaghetti.. how to resist? The food arrives.. .the portions are large, and the food is surprisingly, really, rather good We commented on how soft […]

Restoran Wong Soon Kee @ Subang Jaya

You will need to pay close attention to this blog… Are you? OK.. what you will soon see.. are photos of my Favouritest most BESTEST fried chicken place in the world! It only opens at 2.30pm..! And the uncle fries and fries in his boiling wok… Until everything HABIS! It’s so HARDCORE it’s unbelievable! The […]

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