Chef in the Spotlight, Chef Sven Cepon of Sheraton Maldives

First couple of days in Maldives, and we are acclimatising to the heat. I mean, Kuala Lumpur is hot and everything, but you ain’t felt nothing yet. The scorching heat on your skin as early as 6am.. no wonder everyone goes around in flip-flops , string bikinis, speedos or shorts. The white linen shirt and shorts that are uniform […]

Maldives, hello!

First morning on Maldives.. and we are loving it! The sun is ever so brilliant even at 6a.m., it’s hard to stay indoors for long even though our cosy Ocean Villa at the Sheraton Maldives Fullmoon Resort and Spa is luxuriously comfortable. Imagine our surprise at the contemporary Maldivian-themed beach house tucked in the eastern end of the island, […]

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