The Gastro Project @ Section 17

I’ve had some of my most sumptuous meals out of restaurants, where I least expected to be wow-ed. That’s part of the excitement of expecting nothing, and having your eyes open in amazement at everything. One such place is The Gastro Project. Japanese Salad – Pomegranate, avocado, onions, toasted pine nuts, fava beans

Carbo Loading at Restoran Kim Seng @ Section 17

Remember how, as a student, you would just cook some rice, and dump canned food over it? (OK, maybe many of you are like Jamie Oliver behind the stove, but I, oh, I was pretty much a can food student.) Well, there’s this really cool student’s daichow place (or we like to call it that) […]

Yokotaya @ Section 17 PJ

We pay Yokotaya a Visit.. the newest Japanese restaurant on the Section 17 strip.. Section 17 is developing nicely into a rather cool neighborhood for good food. Yokotaya, a Japanese restaurant, just opened its doors mid January and we decided to check it out today. When most people think of Japanese food, they usually think […]

Little Heritage House, at section 17 Petaling Jaya

Little Heritage House is one of the newest restaurants on that latest development of shop lots in section 17/56. Inspired by the rich culture of Nyonya cuisine, Little Heritage House is nicely decorated with all the heirlooms characteristic of the straits chinese, from a bygone era. There is an upstairs area as well that’s perfect […]

Verona Trattoria Section 17


At first glance, Verona Trattoria seems like an odd match for the quiet neighbourhood of section 17. Located right next to Bistro a Table, as well, you would think it might feel a little daunted by the French fine-dining restaurant next door. Though it calls itself a bistro, we know how high end the food […]

Bistro à Table @ Section 17

I think it’s a bad thing that Bistro à Table is only a stone’s throw from our place. The temptation to eat there is just too great, and I feel no remorse when I say that I might actually be dining there again tonight, with my parents and the husband. The last time I came, […]

Bistro à Table

Growing up as part of the MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) kids, I remember we came in all shapes, sizes and with different talents too. We had different roles in this youth group but most of the time we were just boisterous kids looking for new ways to vent our extra energy. Well, some things never […]

Restoran Mel’s Corner Wantan Mee – Section 17, PJ

*Update 2010: Despite it’s popularity, Mel’s Corner has either closed or moved away. The new wantan mee stall owner still serves a decent dish but without the marvelous Mel’s BBQ pork slices. Apart from the usual suspects, here are some other favourites for food – for cumi&ciki that is… Did you know that this place […]

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