Tantalizing Tuaran Noodles @ Ah Soon Kor

Cumi just stumbled upon this fabulous place for that Sabah favorite, Tuaran mee, and this weekend he promptly had me in tow, to check out the place. Named after two partners, Ah Soon Kor is located in SS3 and serves a delightful mix of Sabah noodles, local chinese daichow dishes, specialties from Rawang (steamed fish) and […]

A trip to Kampung Nibang, Sabah

Since February, Selangor, Malaysia’s most populous state and its economic and industrial hub, has been in a water rationing programme. Severe drought in months prior to the rationing had reduced water levels at key catchment areas to almost rock bottom. Even with rain showers returning recently, it had not hit the right water catchment areas […]

10 Places to Visit when you fly into Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the modern and fast expanding capital city of Sabah, one of thirteen states of Malaysia, located on the northwestern section of Borneo Island. Sabah is fondly referred to as the land below the wind, because of its relative distance from the damaging typhoon belt. The weather, however, can still make abrupt changes […]

5 Good Vibes on Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan

Our recent travel escapades brought us to the gorgeous land of Sandakan, where we stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan.. With so many rich historical, cultural, natural and wildlife attractions found in and around the harbour city of Sandakan, it isn’t surprising to have the internationally renowned Four Points by Sheraton debuting here […]

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