Thanksgiving @ The Ritz-Carlton KL

Thanksgiving is a day which should be celebrated with gratitude in our hearts – thanking God for all that we have in our lives. The Thanksgiving holiday is rooted in western traditions – sort if like a harvest festival but actually nearly all cultures celebrate this festival. For instance south Indians celebrate it as Pongal […]

Patrón XO Café and Silver Launch at the Ritz-Carlton Penthouse

Kahlúa, Bols, Tia Maria… I am not a big fan of coffee liqueurs as I find them too sweet and cloying. They taste more like candy than coffee and I generally don’t waste my time with it. Now then, here comes Patrón XO Café to save the day! Patrón XO Café is an extraordinary blend […]

Li yen

Why do the Chinese eat with chopsticks? Watercress and pork rib soup Generally believed to have originated in ancient China, chopsticks are most commonly made of bamboo or plastic, but are also made of metal, bone and various types of wood. The pair of sticks is maneuvered in one hand, between the thumb and fingers, […]

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