Rama V’s New Mouthwatering Thai Menu

Although Thai restaurants in KL are a dime a dozen, and some of the menus I’ve browsed seem a tad boring and homogeneous, some restaurants constantly evolve and improve on their cuisine. Which is why there’s a good chance you won’t recognize much of the fare at Rama V. This somewhat low-key, casual, comfortable, yet […]

Rama V & the Songkran Festival with Janet Lee

It was a good thing that, instead of dunking us in water, the good folks of Rama V, used a pandan leaf, soaked in scented water, to gently bestow some good luck sprinkles on our shoulders. Otherwise, we would have been thoroughly soaked, as this was Thai Songkran, the mother of all water festivals. The […]

Fa-Ying great cocktails and Sandwiches!

Not just great.. but Bloody Fa-Ying Great Cocktails and Sandwiches at Fa-Ying, by Rama V! Don’t ask the chef here, what sorcery he worked over the kitchen. Just ask him to weave his magic again on one of the crusty ciabatta sandwiches, and trust me, with meats flavoured the old-fashioned Thai way, you’ll be begging […]

KHAO by Rama V

The name “Khao” means rice. And rice, is a symbol of cultural identity and global unity.. rice is south east asia’s most popular food. It shapes religious observances, festivals, customs, cuisine and celebrations. The main food in Thailand is of course rice. Everyone eats it. But we can’t really eat rice alone so we have […]

Ramadhan Buffet at Rama V

Where else can one eat like the great King Chulalongkorn for just RM75++? This holy month of Ramadhan, break fast with your loved ones, colleagues or buddies at Rama V.. Check out the finest Thai spread that this restaurant has to offer, make a date , to freshen up and re-energize, this is a no […]

Rama V @ Jalan U-Thant, KL

Waiting for rapture .. is like waiting forever! where is my cuz nigel.. so long one.. Finally! Rama V Goes Live Event, with The Rapture ! And , finally.. Just heavenly pleasures meets rapture:P Merry making! Fatboybakes is somewhere in the background.. (no photo available) Mwuahahaha.. FIN! Life is made up of, sugar and spice […]

RAMA V @ Jalan U Thant, KL

Thai food is synonymous with spicy chilies. What is Spicy Thai food if it is less than Cathartic in nature, right? I don’t know about you, but I am addicted to mind-blowingly HOT, tongue-numbing Thai food. A few reasons why Chili in Thai food is Good for you: 1. Chili has a lot of fiber. […]

Rama V @ Jalan U Thant, KL

I remember the first meal I had on holiday in Thailand. The Mieng Kam is one of my favourite Thai snacks. Even now, everytime I eat that deep green Kadok Leaf (Piper sarmentosum) that wraps dried shrimp, fried coconut meat, diced fresh herbs (Galanga, Citrus hystri and onion) , and thick sticky sweet mieng sauce, […]

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