Velvety Layers & IOI Mall, Puchong


One of the latest places for a quick, affordable bite at lunchtime or dinner time, that also offers the lovely dessert known as the Mille crepe, is at Velvety Layers, IOI Mall, Puchong. a million layers of yum! If you find yourself strolling about the mall and not sure what to eat, check out this […]

Kampua Mee @ Strawberry Cafe, Puchong

So soon after writing this post, on 5 Sarawak Noodles Stalls in KL we cannot do without, a nice, kind reader left a comment on our blog asking.. What about Kampua Mee? If you’ve heard of Sarawak noodles, then you will know that the popular dishes in KL are the Kolo Mee, the Sarawak Laksa […]

Puchong Yong Tau Foo at Batu 14

Sekolah Kebangsaan Puchong Batu 14, Jalan Puchong Batu 14, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

One of the tastiest Yong Tau Foo‘s in Kuala Lumpur, can be found under a shack, here in Puchong. I kid you not! It’s so addictive, it makes a person like me, drive for 1 hour, all the way from Petaling Jaya, just to sweat and eat beneath its zinc roof, out in the middle […]

Restoran Golden Egg Noodle @ Puchong, KL

Golden Egg Noodle. We read about this place from Masak-masak and decided to go check it out. Sure enough, there was a ‘no camera’ sign, which meant that we had to be discrete about taking any photos, so we sat outside. The interesting thing about this Pan-Mee restaurant is that it has a really colorful […]

Restoran 222 Kung Chu @ Puchong

It’s easy.. look out for that old chinese maiden… And you will find , easily, one of the most delicious herbal pork noodle in town. Restoran 222 Kung Chu in Puchong keeps me coming back for this herbal noodle, because at RM4.80 it is a large bowl of sweet, thick herbal soup with loads of […]

Who shoe? Wushu!

It’s all happening down this road – Jalan Puteri 2/5…. I want to try everything.. from the Japanese Kikyo… to the Kiwi Express bakery.. or even the wholesome vegetarian joint called Mushroom Culture… ….to the crab place, Tak Fok, with its RM20 per KG promotion! . . I even want to try my hand… at […]

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